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Posted by UltimateSMfan

Woah no kidding with the letting loose.....oddly enough im even more excited now for these books

Posted by BattheMan008

Scott Snyder is just a great person in general. Even thanking Comic Vine! WOW! Such a nice guy.

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He's so nice, and so passionate about everything he writes. I'm so glad he's the superstar he has become!

Posted by PunyParker

I love you man!!!

Posted by longbowhunter

Thank you Scott, thank you Tony.

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Yea Scott don't be a pussy LOL

I love Scot Snyder he's so cool

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Ok it's official Snyder is awesome.

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(nice to hear at least 1 person in DC wasn't reading solicitations)

Posted by Dark_Guyver

Great stuff!! Scott Snyder just further proves why hes such an awesome writer. He has a lot of passion for everything he writes.

Posted by Lightburst

Wow! I love Scott right now.

Posted by Trevel8182

Love this Man!

Posted by TheUnN4med

Scott is so awesome...!!!

Posted by mcbean

Snyder is AWESOME but would of like to see J.Michael Straczynski / Lee do Superman instead

Posted by Lvenger

@mcbean: Have you ever read Grounded or Superman: Earth One? Those are two very good reasons why JMS is a poor Superman writer. And I like a lot of his work.

Anyway, I'm glad Snyder spoiled some details of his run in this interview. His plans sound awesome and the story that has been delivered is of a fantastic caliber. As long as Snyder keeps this up, I'll be reading Unchained for a while.

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@lvenger: I like Earth One and still think he would do better at Superman but that's just my opinion.

Don't get me wrong I like Snyder American Vampire and Batman I'm just saying he does better at darker characters.

Posted by Lvenger

@mcbean: Did you read Grounded though? I've reviewed every issue of it so trust me when I say that it's really disappointing.

Posted by mcbean

@lvenger: No I didn't read Grounded so I'll have to take your opinion on that one intel I read it.

I guess we will have to agree to disagreed on Synder Superman witch I don't think is bad but I think JMS can do better with Superman and again just my opinion.

Posted by mcbean

I wish Synder would have gave some details on American Vampire

Posted by CaptainHoopla

Great guy and great interview Tony. I love how Scott recognizes that people wait in line for hours and he doesn't just give them some by the book press release. The guy obviously gets it and really seems to appreciate his fans.

Posted by Lvenger

@mcbean: As you wish. His Spider-Man and Thor runs are phenomenal though.

Posted by Mucklefluga

This guy is so great!

Posted by Kal'smahboi

Snyder got drunk and gave everything away!

Posted by RedheadedAtrocitus

Such a nice guy. I can't really say I've read anything bad by him. I'm real intrigued by Wraith now.

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He's such a humble guy, love his Batman and what he's doing with Superman sounds awesome.

Posted by Zeeguy91

Okay, Scott Snyder is officially my favorite creator right now. Everything he's doing right now is just amazing.

Posted by Awale

That Superman villain sounds interesting. Might pick this up once they stack it up into volumes or a volume.

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I hate video bombers. Photo bombers are different because it's just one photo and it's easy to replicate. It also takes skill to bomb a photo, but not video. It's lazy and it ruins the actual people on camera. "Hey, I'm going to get in this shot and waive my arms." No one cares so it's essentially just annoying.

Good interview BTW. Love hearing what Scott has to say.

Posted by knighthood

The twist with the Red Hood gang sounds promising. I might stick around for a few more issues.

Posted by CrazyScarecrow

Scott Snyder is the best! I love his Batman run and his Superman run! Especially Batman since it's my favorite hero with Greg's amazing art!

I really hope once Zero Year is over he gives us a Scarecrow story. I would love to see my favorite villain get a story under his writing.

Posted by ManlyScream

You know you are THE MAN when you can talk so freely. Love these types of interviews. Love everything Scott's touching right now too.

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@lvenger said:

@mcbean: Did you read Grounded though? I've reviewed every issue of it so trust me when I say that it's really disappointing.

Aaaaaand scene. Exit Straczynski, stage left, to the sound of 1,000 flatulent windbags vigorously deflating.

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Posted by rjohnson89

damn i want to watch this but another video that wont load... maybe its me, im running chrome if it helps

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damn i want to watch this but another video that wont load... maybe its me, im running chrome if it helps

try another browser. It seems to work fine in Firefox.

Posted by Omega Ray Jay

Nice guy, I look forward to picking up some Batman trades when I get the chance.

Posted by Dhaibat

Thanks comicvine for the news.Scott Snyder is one of my favourite authors and I have been an avid fan since one of my friends asked me to read "American Vampire".

Posted by batmannflash

Cool! I'm excited. Wanted to hear something about "The Wake," as well though...