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Posted by Jonny_Anonymous

Man that is not what I expected him to look like

Posted by Black_Claw
Posted by Jonny_Anonymous

@black_claw: I know, I'm only 20 and he sounds younger than me lol

Posted by longbowhunter

So far my favorite Robin-centric episode has been when he takes his driving exam.

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Wooooaaaaahhh did not expect that voice to match with that dude!

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Amazing to think that Robin was originally Duane lol.

Posted by Kelevra216

I haven't finished the original Teen Titans but I just got more excited to see Teen Titans Go despite the negative comments I've been reading.

Posted by sparty-dbq

Wow. That is certainly not what I expected the voice of Kevin French from Mission Hill to look like.

Posted by bluntman420

His voice dosn't match his body.