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Posted by carter853

Tween Titans sounds cool but change the name

Posted by jacobsben

Im glad raven isn't going to be a real villain

Posted by Ganthetsward20

Pretty cool portal shirt tony!! and a great interview with Scott!!

Posted by modunhanul

Great interview.

Posted by Outside_85

I suppose I better be amused about this. That said, I don't recall the last page of TT giving me the impression that Raven was still working with Trigon.

Posted by lifeboy

NO! on the Tween Titans.... well, maybe.

Great idea about converting Raven to her evil father. I say make her all evil...

Posted by Jonny_Anonymous

I like Shay, she's a cool character

Posted by Mucklefluga
Posted by Outside_85
Posted by drgnx
Posted by Outside_85

@drgnx: Like Spiderman loves James Jonah Jameson it bet :D

Posted by darknightspideyfanboy
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Posted by AWeekInGeekdom

Always fun to see a Lobdell interview! I'm liking his direction with Teen Titans but the plot has been all over the place unfortunately. All the issues with Raven/Trigon/Red Robin have been rather confusing.

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Wow, Scott Lobdell thinks Scott Lobdell's reeeally funny.

Posted by Billy Batson
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Is he wearing a superman hoodie over a superman shirt?

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Posted by Billy Batson
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@billy_batson: Just after 5:40! And confesses love at ~5:50!

I'm not convinced G-man even knows who he is talking about, that or he is like "what the F***!!!"...or both! That is like his, "OMG I want to react but I must maintain my profession composure" look, or an "I'm completely oblivious" look.

Posted by thespideyguy

I love lodell but Action Comics and Superman aren't the same book.

Posted by G-Man

@drgnx: I know who Outside_85 is. We've "spoken" on Twitter.

Posted by drgnx


Oh okay, then you did a great job at maintaining your composure ;)

Posted by Outside_85

@g_man: My apologies for getting you dragged into that.

Posted by RedheadedAtrocitus

Ooooh can't wait to see how Scott worked in Bibbo! Really looking forward to his upcoming stuff! Go Lobdell!

Posted by bigboi100000

"The only thing more nauseating than Scott Lobdell’s writing is his infantile responses to criticism."