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Very nice. Looks like it was a fun con.

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Can't wait for NYCC!

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Way to rub it in... >.>

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Neat, beautiful music choice.

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And 2013 SDCC comes to a close. Awesomeness! Hopefully I'll be able to make it next year!

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I hate wearing costumes but do admire people who do and come up with really easy things that still look kinda awesome... like the guy at the end, or Lady Wil-Fang-Bacca.

Nice video and music.

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The Superman and Robin cosplayers discussing seems like a pretty much perfect representation of the fandom. Very nice.

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Great job Andy!

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*views with great respect*

*sees the last pic of the nekkid shirtless dude while eating my dinner*

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Wow, nice editing, ComicVine!

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Ninja turtle costumers are never not cool.