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Posted by Trevel8182

Posted by Trevel8182

I'm guessing Tony's going to interview his to man crushes Scott Snyder and Brian Buccellato.

Posted by BattheMan008

Nice video! i hate to ask...but where's Corey?

Posted by new_onslaught

Great video! The gifts are only for people in the US?

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So that was Gregg, awesome! Does SDCC last from Thursday to Sunday? In which case, I'll be glued to here for news and updates.

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That Iron Patriot at the end

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Posted by Timotheus316

And there's huge monkey people!!! I thought they weren't real?? OMG!

Posted by darknightspideyfanboy

a certain super couple? Tony Daniel art is always awesome

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I wish I could go to a con :-\

Posted by Lvenger

I wish I could go to a con :-\

Aren't there any in Scotland? There are some down here in England. I usually go to the London Super Comic Con since that's the biggest one.

Posted by simian

It's weird not seeing Sara this year.

Posted by thanosrules

@g_man - Great Intro Tony! I am going to have to live off CV this week/end to keep from crying - you know about not being at SDCC.

@inferiorego - Sorry that people were making comments about your t-shirt.

Fantastic start to an amazing con!

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@simian said:

It's weird not seeing Sara this year.

I feel ya.

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Glad the camera work is better this year. I mean, I'm not fond of the the choice to do close-ups on everyone (and I hope that doesn't continue), but I'm glad the focus wasn't out of control.

Cameraman, please limit the close-ups and don't go too out of focus. Make it soft outside. Hard focus in that kind of environment is hard on the eyes. It's also hard when were all up in people's faces. Unless a person is crying or doing something really dramatic in their faces, I don't want to be all up in it. Y'know?

I mean, it's your choice, but I won't watch these videos if the focus is hurting my head (like last year).

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@lvenger said:

@jonny_anonymous said:

I wish I could go to a con :-\

Aren't there any in Scotland? There are some down here in England. I usually go to the London Super Comic Con since that's the biggest one.

Yea there is around Glasgow but that's to far to travel and I don't know anybody whoed want to go to them anyway :- \

Posted by Omega Ray Jay

Awesome stuff, Looking forward to seeing all the coverage!

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Inferiorego! There is a beat Tom Brady and Chris G challenge at Comic-Con. I'd love to see you get bodied by them also you fight Greg

Posted by Xwraith

Gregg looks (and sounds) absolutely nothing like I imagined.

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Defenders of the Con! Defenders...

Out of the sky, his rockets ignite. Jets into battle flies faster than light. Mat Elfring!

Lord of the jungle, the hero who stalks. The beasts call him 'brother', the ghost who walks. Katzman!

Mistress of magic, spells, and illusions. Enemies crumble in fear and confusion. Miss J!

His strength is a legend. His skills conquer all. Armed with his power we never will fall. G-Man!

With our new young cameras, recording lights on. Four become six, defending the con! Defenders of the Con! (Stan Lee please don't sue me)

Posted by johnnyblaze321

Awesome, great video.

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I wish I was able to go. My student loans kicked in this summer so I'm stuck paying those back instead of having fun in San Diego. Boooo.
I went in 2011 and 2012 and it was really awesome. Some of the greatest memories I've ever had.

At least I got Comic Vine here so I won't miss too much. I still would rather be there : /

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Thanks for bringing the con to those of us in the diaspora.

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Of course Gregg's wearing a TMNT shirt. lol.

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Posted by TheManInTheShoe

I want to go!

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@simian said:

It's weird not seeing Sara this year.

I feel ya.

I got the impression she was fired or "let go". Any reason why?

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Have fun folks...

Greg is a pretty big dude...

Posted by csl316

Hi/Go team!

Posted by hrodvitnir

Hey Gman, I saw you at the DC Booth today but you seemed busy so I didn't say hello. Maybe I'll see the ComicVine crew again tomorrow.

Posted by turoksonofstone

Looks cool. I miss Babs being there already though.

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@g_man said:

@battheman008: Corey's busy running his comic shop.

@trevel8182: Maybe. Maybe. I did get to talk to Geoff Johns.

1. What did Geoff say?

2. Is there any way to talk to him again? If so, could you ask him something for me?

Posted by dreamfall31

Missing Sara at the con :(

Posted by bigboi100000

Tony is still a mark.

Posted by RedheadedAtrocitus

And so it begins! Can't wait to hear more about the con you four! :)

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We all know the real reason @undeadpool didn't got to SDCC is because he can't be photographed or filmed.

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