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where can u buy online

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@g_man, Tony I am assuming you are still way behind on The Walking Dead TV series. Michonne and Carl goes to a cafe and she sees a rainbow cat that she liked and takes it with her. Here's the video that only shows that scene if you don't mind getting spoiled. I'm gonna post a pic too if you don't want to see the video.

P.S. - IT'S TRAP!!! I love that Arkbar scene in How Should Have Ended Man of Steel! LOL

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@g_man: Man, you are definitely getting old! XD

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Gosh that Hobbit stuff looks great :( And I want that Thrawn so bad it hurts...

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Lol G-Man looks pretty beat in this video

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Zombie Magento looks cool!

Well, there's so much stuff that actually looks pretty nice; even especially that Spider-Ham!

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@g_man: ...Nick Fury. LMAO. Is it annoying to look at things you can't buy, Tony?

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Santa Yoda ... yes please. Also Tony is looking a little buff in that tight shirt.

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Nick Fury... lol

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And will they be unveiled at San Diego Comic Con?

There are the five members of the Crime Syndicate Of America headlining the Forever Evil series, that you know.

Johnny Quick to counter The Flash

Power Ring (via Volthoom) to counter Green Lantern

Superwoman to counter Wonder Woman

Ultraman to counter Superman

Owlman to counter Batman.

And there are four more.

Sea King to counter Aquaman.

The Grid to counter Cyborg

Atomique to counter The Atom

Deathstorm to counter Firestorm

And one more… that even I can’t unravel yet.

And the Thomas Wayne Owlman is the character who both has a vested interest in Dick Grayson, but also not letting him die…

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I really want that santa yoda.