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I'll take one Righteous Bison please. The Tower of Bara-Dur too. Quick Sara, run while William, Tom and Burt are still inanimate!

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Man, our Kiwi accents do sound funny compared to you Amurcans.

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Dude is taaaaaaall

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Cool booth and cool dude. :)

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I've been wanting a Grodbort gun since I first saw them last year but they are so expensive....

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"He travels the universe making species extinct… by shooting them"

I LOLed.

Also, was that dragon the first official image of Smaug?!

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I WANT IT ALLLLL!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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There's a man who loves his job and what a great job it must be.

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One of my favourite SDCC videos :D

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Those swords were incredible... I cant imagine how expensive they would be to have an original. Very inspiring stuff though.

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Ok. Those are pretty cool.