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I love Scott and I love his runs on both Batman and Swamp Thing. It was such a treat to be able to read both in the same week. I can't wait for his take on Joker.

Also, FIRST!

Posted by fanged_wolf

by the end of this interview I had a smile as wide as joker's face on the wall.

Posted by shawn87

Scott Snyder is the man

Posted by JamDamage

Boy is he geeky as hell. What ever. So damn excited the Joker stories. Never had I seen a title go from an all title cross-over to another all title cross-over. Balls. I didn't like how he said Killing Joke is not a Barbarra Gordon story but a Jim Gordon story. It's neither. It's all Joker. Jim Gordon, and Barbarra Gordon are characters who have shitty things happen to them. There is no more personal issue for the Joker then Killing Joke.

Posted by Webjaker

TEAM BATMAN! Thanks Tony - Im so excited!!!

We want Scott on Batman For E V E R

Posted by tcglkn

Comic-Con can't top this. My week is made. Wish I was there in person though.

Posted by ZZoMBiE13

Two-Face is my all time favorite Batman villain. I cannot tell you how much I'd love to see Snyder tell a story featuring him. PLEASE SCOTT! MAKE IT HAPPEN!

Posted by Aph8825

The #0 issue sounds awesome! And I cant wait for his Joker story

Posted by ALittleTooRaph

This was such a great interview! Snyder has to stay on Team Batman at least long enough to get to those Two Face and Riddler stories he mentioned. The way he was talking about the Joker story, though, had me going crazy. You just can't beat The Joker, and Snyder's should be great!

Posted by Dane

dudes a straight baller.

Posted by RigorMortis

Oh my god I need that Riddler story like I need oxygen. I am suffocating. Help.

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Posted by Rise2Ragnarok

Scott Snyder is doing such amazing things on Batman, I can't wait for more!

Posted by CrashLanden

Great interview! Tony, you didn't appear to be on laughing gas, today. And you're wearing a ... gasp.... tie. Shocking. Or is that some sort of cosplay thing?

Great interview, though. I don't think anyone has gotten me excited about Batman (in comics) in quite some time, but Snyder's doing that.

Posted by n8hobbs

I really hope he stays as long as he can. Especially through the Riddler and Two-Face stories he mentioned. That'd be fantastic! :D

Posted by RetroLegends

WOW! Scott keep it coming. Great stories for each of your books.

Posted by kerosene

what a great interview, lets hope he stays on batman for years to come.

Posted by Loki9876

We love you Scott he's so cool and he immidiatley apologise about cassandra cain

Posted by Utandi


Posted by LordRequiem

So Batman can be related Marvel, in that it's just one big mega-event after another.....

Posted by zackattack529

wow...scott snyder..i love you boi!...but how many times are you going to tell that "who wins AvX, BATMAN!" its gettin old now -__- lol

Posted by deadpool25mm

Scott snyder is so humble, I think thats what makes him a great man.

Posted by BlueLantern1995

@deadpool25mm said:

Scott snyder is so humble, I think thats what makes him a great man.


Posted by Lvenger

"Avengers vs X-Men, who wins? Batman." Best response ever. And great interview Tony. Keep up the awesome writing Scott, Batman has never been better in your capable hands!

Posted by snikt_0

Talked with Scott at the Charlotte Heroes Con in June and what a cool dude. You can tell he really loves his craft and is writing some of the best comics in the industry. I am still a Marvel guy at heart but Snyder's Batman run is quickly becoming one of my favorite collections. Keep it up Scott!

Posted by zombietag

could you find a cooler guy?? a better writer for batman? i think NOT

Posted by crazyflashfan11

well... What About TALON?

Posted by The Lobster

Not a lot of talk on Swamp Thing or his upcoming Talon series, which is weird since one is about to have an epic crossover with Animal Man (Rotworld) and the other is a new series that he's working on with a new writer which is great that he persuaded DC to give this writer with little comic book experience a chance to show them what he's got.

Posted by theoknows

Scott Snyder and Jeff Lemire are the current gods of DC. Wish we could have gotten an update on Swamp Thing and AV.

Posted by Spidey_Guy1

Scott is cool guy and I love the work he's done with Batman during the New 52 era. It's my favorite DC book. I'm very anxious to see what he does with the Joker.

Posted by Grey56

He seems like a nice fella, truly he does. And I will admit I'm excited to see what he does with the Joker. I even read over the Suicide stories with Harley (the wife's books) just to apprise myself of what might be coming. All that said - I'm still very disappointed with what he did with Mr.Freeze. That's putting it as mildy as I can. I won't get too negative here about it to remain polite - but I desperately want to avoid what happened in the annual.

Posted by RedheadedAtrocitus

Well that's good he makes it clear we dont have to read the other titles just to know what's going on with this upcoming Joker storyline. And that sounds like positive news he came up with regard to Stephanie I think.

Posted by thveej

Scott Snyder is such a G. Such a down to earth cool guy. Batman has been amazing (really amazing since pre 52 detective comics + gates of Gotham), knowing how scott writes very dark stories (I mean that detective comic run was so dark) I am really, really excited to see the upcoming joker run. Joker is gonna do some messed up thing, SOOOOOO EXCITED!

Posted by Jonny_Anonymous
Scott is just so genuine and awesome also:  
@RigorMortis said:

Oh my god I need that Riddler story like I need oxygen. I am suffocating. Help.

@BlackArmor said:


Posted by Mercy_

I love Scott. A freaking amazing writer and you can't help but get excited for his stories and what's going on simply by how he excited HE gets. You can tell from watching/listening to him speak that he's as much a fan of the medium as he is a writer. It's a pleasure to see.

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Posted by Sergotron

The man has the darkest imagination I have ever seen. I love it.

Posted by the_fallen11


Posted by KnightRise

@shawn87 said:

Scott Snyder is the man

Damn right

Posted by NXH

@Mercy_ said:

I love Scott. A freaking amazing writer and you can't help but get excited for his stories and what's going on simply by how he excited HE gets. You can tell from watching/listening to him speak that he's as much a fan of the medium as he is a writer. It's a pleasure to see.

Me too! He's gotta be my favourite comic writer at the moment. I wonder if he's excited for The Dark Knight Rises. Lol obviously! I could so see him write an amazing Riddler story. Anything he writes is pure golden.

Posted by InnerVenom123

That Cass mention was a bit.... I don't wanna say rude, but... off?

I dunno. I mean, the writers have already said a dozen times in a dozen different places that they'd love to write them back, but can't.

Posted by Ganthetsward20

Its really cool that Scott is so in to the characters he's writing. Makes me pumped to read his work. True I dont love the batman book, but that's more about me not liking the character. I loved reading the American Vampire Trades and I really love Swamp Thing. I'd be interested in seeing Scott taking on another character in the DC like Frankenstein Agents of SHADE, or something along those lines but only if he really wanted too.

Posted by dbzmaster789

Man what a cool dude, in about 5 years or maybe even less his name will be Legendary!

Posted by kagato

I love how enthusiastic Scott is about Batman, honestly, they way he talks about Batman and how much he digs the character is how i feel when i read the stuff he writes. I cant imagine anyone else on the book now, im super excited to see what he comes up in every issue, how can such a nice guy have such a dark imagination though lol? Im always scared he will get moved onto something else, im trusting that DC know a good thing when they see it and leave him alone to continue writing these wonderful stories.

Posted by Dark_Vengeance_

at the end of the interview I stood up on my chair and did the bad Spider-man dance from spider-man 3

Posted by Fantasgasmic

There's ONE thing Scott said that worried me about this upcoming story. Joker shouldn't KNOW that Barbara Gordon is part of the bat-family. He didn't shoot Batgirl and take naked pictures of Batgirl, he did that to Barbara Gordon. He didn't know she was Batgirl when he did all that stuff in the Killing Joke. I'll chalk that up to a slip of the tongue.

I've said it before, I'll say it again, Scott Snyder writes 2 of the 3 BEST books of new52 (Animal Man is the other one).

I'm also gonna say this: Scott Snyder top 5 people in comics. Not in terms of art/writing ability or anything, just stand up, all around nice-guy, good HUMAN BEINGS. Top 5, easy.

Posted by lareeth

Needs more American Vampire! I'm not interested in Batman, tell us gossip and plans for American Vampire.

Posted by Pauldro

What about Swamp Thing?

Posted by SandMan_

Snyder...Can you swrite Superman as well?...Please?

Posted by Brownghost

@SandMan_: hes really a dark writer and superman doesnt need that

Posted by SandMan_
@Brownghost: To be honest, at this point I don't care if its dark as long as its good.
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