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Posted by RedheadedAtrocitus

Back to the Future hoverboard! Niiiiiiice :)

Posted by Webjaker

"I am the gate-keeper are you the key-master?"

How does it "kinda" work?

Posted by EdwardWindsor

Does the Hover board have a hovercraft type skirt to make it work ? I still want one

Posted by CrimsonCake

It's that hover board they promised us.

Posted by sethysquare

Death and the tiny titans figures look so cool. So cool.

Posted by Suprman

Whether the hoverboard works or not, I would be happy to have one just for the sake of saying "I have a hoverboard"

Posted by jobiwankenobi

I expected to see someone riding a hoverboard around.

Posted by SHAZAM117

I've wanted that damn hover board ever since I was a kid!

Posted by Bestostero

i am still extremely bitter that they canceled the Young Justice toyline!

whoa whoa whoa, didnt they cancel the JLU line? if i knew it will still going, i wouldnt have forked over so much money for the Aquagirl prototype!

Posted by pahphoenix

if thats real, I've been waiting 20 years for one. Bet it comes out on Dec.22, the day after the end of the world :( Freakin Mayans.

Posted by yo_yo_fun

The Death figure looks awesome!

And the JLU figures...I would love to have some of those! They even have the Superman from the episode "Hereafter", so cool!

Posted by mcool135

@jobiwankenobi said:

I expected to see someone riding a hoverboard around.

Lmao same, and I don't trust anything pink anyways... lol

Posted by Queso6p4

@yo_yo_fun: I was eyeing that Death figure as well.

As G-Man said, if I bought it I'd probably keep it in the box as it seems to complement the figure well. KITT is there?! That's awesome! I enjoyed watching Knight Rider as a kid.

Posted by Fantasgasmic

Tony, they don't have Orko, because nobody WANTS Orko. I had an Orko as a kid in like 1990. His arms moved and that was it. He sucked.

Tony, I hope you got 2 Tiny Titans sets. One for you, one for Lil G-girl.

Posted by RoTheKid

LOVE toys! SO want that Static Shock JLU toy! :P

Posted by jaredbright


Yeah, the Hoverboard that apparently never existed in the first place. It was an evil rumour that it actually existed.

Posted by LordRequiem

Death looks like a bit like Rihanna from the side.

Posted by haydenclaireheroes

I want the hover board!!!

Posted by redgonzo

wait what do you mean buy kinda sorta