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Awesome Interview!

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whats the trinity war?

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Darn it, now i am going to have to buy a playstation 3. Was that dc u vs mortsl kombat any good btw?
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@lifeboy: its average. Fun to play, but not as awesome as injustice. Try mk9 by the same studios its freaking awesome. I recently bought a ps3 after I saw injustice, lol.

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@KainScion: I guess it would be some kind of conflit opposing Superman, Batman and Wonder Woman...

@lifeboy: No.... It is not good... Not as a DC fan, not as a Mortal Kombat fan, not as a Fighting game fan... Do not buy it...

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@sethysquare: you havent even played injustice! but yeah mk vs dc sucked

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@KainScion: Ive seen the demo and it plays like mk but better and no mk vs dc did not suck, you're just a marvel fanboy that constantly are unhappy with DC for god knows what reason.

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I don't mean to criticize, but Dan DiDio's name title says "Dan Dido". Still a great interview!

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@sethysquare: you've seen the demo?!?! wow! that sure is a lot to go on. you havent played it yet. not even the demo. it could be clunky as hell. but what to except from you.

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@KainScion: yawns. Coming from someone who says he prefers the lame as hell kinect marvel fighting game over injustice. Pretty much everyone hates the kinect game.

At least I'm realistic and I acknowledges when marvel does something good. you just hates everything dc. so shoo

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@sethysquare: i only said i liked it because i thought it was for wii and i have a wii. and for realistic, you are praising a game you havent played. so yeah you shoo.

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@KainScion: almost every website is praising the game calling it the most anticipated fighting game. it already won awards btw. tons of them. You dont need to play the game to know if its good. Just like how everyone saw that kinect game and couldn't be bothered with it.

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Great first interview, Sara!

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Trinity War you say?!

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Whoa, thanks for the info guys, i will make sure to stay clear of it. Its just that i loved dc heros for ps2 so much, i thought any jl game would be good. It was just so much fun to play, especially being supes, zatanna, flash or ww :) i also bought xmen apocholipse but only played it for 20 minutes before i hated it and never played again. Who cares, it was only 5 bucks on amazon, since they dont even make ps2 games anymore, Lol...

@sethysquare: @DarthTanka:

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Those guys have taken the "fun" outta my funny books :/

When's the next EiC taking its turn? I prefer some editorial changes every now and then to keep things fresh~

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@KainScion said:

whats the trinity war?

It's the next universe wide cross-over focusing on the trinity of Sins i.e. Pandora, Phantom Stranger and the new Question. It sounds like the three will be waring against each other with the DCnU in the cross-fire as opposed to the Trinity fighting together against the heroes.

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Im a level 5! I Have the Power!!!
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Great Interview. Nice bunch of lads.

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they laugh so much haha obviously the BEGINNING of the con not the end :/

good interview

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Why is it when Dan DiDio talks I am reminded of the Cowardly Lion?

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@Mr. Kamikaze: His voice is the same, after I read that I cant stop thinking about it.

I am looking forward to the Zero Issues, particularly Batwoman, Red Hood, and Ravagers.

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@BlueLanternBeast: I made a correction to that before the post was published but I guess the encoder hasn't replaced the file yet :(

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Pretty sure the characters Didio was referring to as Phantom Stranger being involved with the origins of familiar characters are Trigon and Raven. Trigon is mentioned in solicits of #1, and Raven was originally going to be used by Scott Lobdell in something, but that plan got axed for other future plans... probably these.

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@Mr_riddler said:


It's spelled as Didiot, Acertijo.

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Nice to know that there are going to be more sci fi fantasy titles coming out capes and cowls are getting a little tiresome.

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really excited about the phantom stranger

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Awesome Interview :D

although .... very devastated I can't be there this year :(

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Didio needs to switch to decaf.

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So the zero issues are for anniversary purposes, but do we not already know most of the back stories/origins well enough already? Unless they're wanting to change things up a bit more. Interesting to see if they'll keep the anniversary theme every October.

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A great kick-off with the biggest entrepreneurs in the industry. Lee and DiDio seem like two amicable guys. Down to earth and simply having fun with what they do. Can't wait for the next videos!

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Jim Lee is cute. I love the way they were acting in this interview, like regular guys.

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Jim Lee is always awesome! Didn't realize Didio was so tall/joyful, sure he's a great guy to be around.

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Awesome interview:) They seem like great guys!

I'm very interested in reading Dan Dido's Phantom Stranger.

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Kicking it off pretty big I see.

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Can't wait for the Phantom Stranger issue myself

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@Sergotron: Very true.

I'm glad to see this lighthearted exchange amongst some of the heavy hitters. I'm definitely looking forward to the Phantom Stranger as he's always been a favorite of mine.

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These guys are awesome. That interview was a lot of fun. Didio's laugh kills me (love his Supes hat too).

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@Eyz: Neither Didio or Lee are EiC. That's Bob Harras' job. Lee and Didio are co-publishers. I don't doubt that Didio has a heavy hand in editorial though. Lee seems more invested in the digital and collectible parts of DC.

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Great interview. As well, I did not picture DiDio as a jovial, happy guy. DC has not disappointed me yet with the New 52 and I'm looking forward to what they come up with next.

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Ahh they are starting to lay the foundations of Trinity War, awesome. Phantom Stranger's gonna be one of the ongoings Im going to be getting soon so I sure hope he handles this book alright. And of course Jim Lee would say Team 7 would be his favorite upcoming zero issue, lol didn't even have to hear his answer to know what he'd say.

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Nice interview.