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so freaking cool

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Steam punk does seem natural, as after an apocalyptic event - you would have to cobble together old-school technology

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So between Book of Eli, After Earth, The Walking Dead Telltale games, and now Oliver, Gary Whitta is very much a post-apocalyptic guy.

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I'm just mad we have to wait a whole year before the first act. I'm really active over on Tested, so I can't wait to see some actual work from Gary. Cause lord knows he does nothing over there. :P

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Steampunk mixed with post-apocalyptic world...fantastic. Sure is a long time to wait though :/

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This looks amazing. Can't wait to get hold of a copy!

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I have never actually read a comic before, and I obviously know Gary from all of his past Whiskey Media involvement and enjoy his stuff so, this will probably be the first comic I pick up. Hopefully it's available on the iPad in some way, shape or form.

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Congrats Gary on the new baby, Babby Whitta.

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Gary is y'know also a friend of the site :P

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Great concept. I will check this out.


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To me at least this is the same as movie makers not being able to think of new ideas so they remake/reboot/alter older concepts. Obviously this might be great, but I'd rather see original ideas. And I seriously dislike Steampunk.

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@kennyshat: Gary has said on numerous occasions that one of his favorite and most influential game was Wasteland.

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Ill support Gary, lets give it a go.

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Screened... check

Tested... check

Giant Bomb... check

Comic Vine... check


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So basically Darick Robertson will draw 3 and 1/2 issues and then we'll start getting shitty fill-in artists afterwards.

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Well I for one am very stoked for this. I need to find a local comic store, since my old one shut down.

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I don't want to wait almost a year! so excited!