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Great video. I wish I was there but have great fun guys!

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the SDCC exclusives look sweet...Keep up with the great videos for us folk that can't make it to the show

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Thank you so much for this. 
Have fun...

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Very cool!

I really like that in the Injustice preview clip you showed, has Superman wearing his New 52 costume while Nightwing has his blue Pre-New 52 outfit.lol No complains here though, I prefer the blue:)

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All the SDCC exclusives are gonna cost me tons, they always do!!! Was very nice to see that they announced two new characters for Injustice too!

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So jealous of Tony's haul so far. All those autographs on the Walking Dead cover. This vid makes me want to brave SW Celebration VI this year but I'm still not sure if I should go.

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God,i want that Inigo montoya statue sooooo much!!

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Algebraic selection! Thanks to you and Sara for bringing the con to those of use stuck at work. :D

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God you guys are such feel-good hosts! I've a dumb smile on my face just watching you scramble to remember what you're up to. :D

It's genuinely refreshing to see excitement and giddyness shining through about the stuff you're covering. It's insane that that's not a given, but where I usually hang out there's this air of cynicism, and everyone is sort of a jaded asshole - characterised mainly by their degree of charm. Perhaps it's industry specific and that's just an attribute of movie and video game coverage, but it's nonetheless fun to visit a site that covers one of my hobbies and does so with an infectious enthusiasm.

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By the way, towards the end, you can see HDJoey walk back and forth trying to be in the video. He and Norm are here as well.

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Thanks so much, guys! :D

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Love the coverage!

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Love the videos. Keep them coming, guys!

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It seems like you guys had a great time. Can't wait to see more coverage from you guys

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Want to hear more about this Marvel War thing, and more Injustice characters that will be interesting. Also, Marvel NEEDS to make another Ultimate Alliance game, the 4 player button mashing is epic!

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Tony looks so tired ;) awesome work guys! we love the videos!

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The day zero video looks great. I look forward to sitting down soon and watching all this coverage.

I do hope you can interview Fred Perry from Antarctic Press. I love his GOLD DIGGER comic. More and more of that has been appearing on Comixology, and he is the writer, artist, and colorist on the whole thing.

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nice hat sara!!! =D

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That's the Comic-Con exclusive #100 isn't it? Funny story, my LCS had a party for the release of Walking Dead #100 and if you came dressed as a zombie you got a redeemer ticket to guarantee you a copy of that Comic-Con exclusive variant cover. By Wednesday next week I'll have it in my hands. Can't wait!

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@G-Man said:

By the way, towards the end, you can see HDJoey walk back and forth trying to be in the video. He and Norm are here as well.

Timestamp on that is 2:07. Those sneaky Tested guys.

Hope all goes well at the Con! BRING US SOME HEROCLIX FOOTAGE! Chaos War just released. I'm curious to see what they have going on there.