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Can't wait for Ghost Rider 2. Don't know about Amazing Spider-Man though. Loved Andrew Garfield in Boy A and Red Riding. I saw the trailer and I call flop.

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I wished I could get a badge lol

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Babs is awesome, that is my only comment. >_>

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Pretty cool movie props

Posted by doordoor123

The playing next feature is really annoying.  
Looks like fun. Thanks for the report Babs!
Posted by Jolt92

That motorcycle was fuckin' sweet.

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I so wish I could go. Maybe one day when it isn't as big or matters anymore. 

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@doordoor123: To the right, near the description there's an "auto" toggle. Turn that off, and make sure you're signed in and it will remember your preference.

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Does the OsCop badge cost anything?  How much?
And also, did you get into places most can't because you are with the press?  Or can anyone get on those bikes or into that pod?  Just curious.  Can't wait to get there.

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@ArtisticNeedham said:

Does the OsCop badge cost anything? How much? And also, did you get into places most can't because you are with the press? Or can anyone get on those bikes or into that pod? Just curious. Can't wait to get there.

The OsCorp badges were free, you just had to stand in a line (though we didn't!). All of these attractions were available to anyone attending ComicCon, but Sara got special permission to sit on the bikes :)

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I wonder when and what for the Ghost Rider motorcycle will be used for.  I mean, it's obviously not the demon-possessed bike (unless it's the bike prior to when Ghost Rider uses it). 
Cool stuff, and YAY videos!

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@xhavoc86 said:
I wished I could get a badge lol
Me too, darn it lol
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no one poses like that for a work id's an official rule that you have to look absolutely horrible for them

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I had no idea that they started filming the second Ghost Rider already. I'm kind of excited even if the first one was pretty bad.

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i wish i could afford to be at san diego
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MIB3. I'm about as excited for that as i am for Ghost Rider 2 (which Nick Cage called a reboot, IIRC). 
But on the plus side, Amazing Spiderman looks cool!

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That Oscorp badge is pretty fantastic swag. 
I wasn't even aware that there would be a Ghost Rider 2. 
Those cycles were sick. 
Awesome coverage.

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It's my first year living in San Diego County during Comic Con. By god, it feels like we've been invaded. The traffic is bananas. Next year ill try and be part of the madness.

Posted by CurbsideProphet

G-dammit I never get to go to Comic-Con. I want an Oscorp badge.

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Sara is soooooo adorable. *smile*

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Yup, Babs lookin EXTRA lovely.

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that blonde was hot 
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ah ... i want an oscorp badge ( sad face)

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didn't like the first 2 MIB, so i care even less for this movie. i also didn't like the first Ghost Rider, so i will need to see a lot more for me to become interested. unsure about Spider-Man. looked ok, but i really don't need another origin story.

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I was excited to see the new Marvel Legends Line.  Although I am bumbed that there was only one series.

Posted by CharlesAlanRatliff

I want an OsCorp badge!

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Very cool video! Sara, you're awesome.

I don't know about MIB 3. I sorta liked the first one at the time but I wasn't exactly holding out for a new one. We'll see I guess.

Posted by Jedted

I'm so stoked for MIB3. I wonder what kind of sick ailen that bike morphs into.

Posted by deadpool1fanjon

there is going to be a Men In Black 3?