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x force deadpool and arcangel soo cool

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I really like that Archangel one.

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All of these look cool! <3

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and time for the ladies *camera zooms in on the breasts* LOL some of those statues looks pretty sweet others tad to anime for my liking

the Archangel one is pretty badass

Posted by ragdollpurps

I want to buy all of those Marvel gal statues. I actually like how they're a tad anime styled. 

Posted by CharlesAlanRatliff

Batgirl and Wonder Woman are probably my faves.

Nice use of focus around the 3-minute mark, by the way!

Posted by xsikal

Love their Bishoujos. :)  Of the released ones, I think Wonder Woman is the best, though I have a soft spot for the (small) Rogue, Black Widow, and White Phoenix Marvels. :)

Posted by Decept-O

Have seen the Kotobukiya figurines and statues at shops in the past and have always been blown away by their renditions of comic book characters they offer. The ones shown here are absolutely top-notch, incredible, I love them all. That Colossus is just too bad a$$ for words, and yes the female characters are incredible to say the least. The touch of anime is nicely done and I think ordinarily I may not like that but their style is great. Can't blame G-Man for trying to get a job just so he can get an employee discount!

Posted by Joe Venom

That Jim Lee Magneto looked EPIC! o_0 I must have it!

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These people are by far the best in the business, there designs influence later character revamps in the comics. Supergirl for one as a recent example new design looks very influenced by her one of her old Kotobukiya models.

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I want that swamp thing :(
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They should make a Flashpoint Wonder Woman statue. Helmet, sword, armor and all. I would buy it in a heartbeat.

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want them so bad

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These look awesome. I hope there's a Kotobukiya Huntress next year.
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Wow a lot of this stuff looks really good

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I want the X-Force X-23 and the anime-esque X-23! 
That would be badass on my shelf!

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X-Force stuff looks GREAT, especially Deadpool. The Catwoman is just so...GIGGITY.

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Uncanny/X-Force statues look ill but if I had the money Deadpool, Archangel, & X-23 plus Psylocke anime would be nice to own that & the Magneto (he's one of my inspirations)
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Pretty sweet Iron Man

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X-23 looks too old. Why make such an amazing sculpt of Thor in his old costume?  
Darth Vader with 2 heads? why? That bottom head looks weird to me, like the "hair" is too long in back or something. Anyone agree? 
All those "Marvel Ladies," and DC too, look  anime inspired. I wish the diamond form Emma had a little more faceting to look "diamond-y" instead of just transparent and that the Phoenix/Dark Phoenix logos were different sizes like i remember from the books rather than just palette swaps. I'm surprised you didn't show Batgirl in her palette swap with the classic blue and gray. It's in the background of the Catwoman shot, but it's my preferred way of remembering Babs' costume.

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I love their stuff, I still look up their Armored Core stuff all the time!

Posted by CommanderZx2

I have some of those Bishoujo statues they are really nice, but they are really quite small (around 8 to 10" in height). However I guess that is to be expected at $60 each, which is a decent price.

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cool !!!!

Posted by SirSparkington

Those are some serious cheesecake poses on the ladies.

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Some nice stuff

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I checked out their website and they had none of the sculptures they showed here.  Anyone know why?

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