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I soooo missed Katee and Battle Star.  Good to see her again.  Wee. star-crush.  :D 
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Good stuff. I'm pretty excited for Year One. 

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I'll be getting this him on Blue-Ray. 

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I love Katee Sackhoff(Edit: Always on the ball guys) like Rorie loves Emma Stone

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@defaultprophet: Keep in mind how many hours Joey's spent filming, editing and traveling. It'll get fixed.

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@G-Man: Fair 'nuff. Sorry duder

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I envy whoever is hittin' that XD

Year One is going to rock! can't wait to see it and Tony's Francis Manipal interview!

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I miss you Starbuck!!!
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None of this is real! lol

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It was hard not to smile while watching this, what a great lady.

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I just love Katee Sackhoff. "Nothing but the rain." So miss Starbuck. :)

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I am glad that even though she doesn't know much about her character she was honest enough to mention that allthough this "isn't real" she approaches it like any other job. While other actors consider cartoons secondary opposed to live-action.

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It always strikes me how different she is from her tough-as-nails characters but she's definitely a good fit for Sarah Essen.

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Another reason to watch Batman year one.........*plays the song All along the watchtower on the guitar*

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She seems like a really great lady. This Batman movie looks very promising.
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It's weird to find out how many actors actually know stuff about comics

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She seems to be really cool. I liked her in BSG a whole lot but I'm not sure I know any of her other stuff. I think I didn't make it far enough into 24 to see her part.

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She's very sincere. I think I've got a new crush! *sigh* LOL

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what a cool chic

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She's a delight.
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Nice to see her with long hair, but she definitely looks different without her iconic short hair cut. Good choice for Essen.

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@baal_sagoth said:

She seems to be really cool. I liked her in BSG a whole lot but I'm not sure I know any of her other stuff. I think I didn't make it far enough into 24 to see her part.

She was on the final season, but it was pretty much the worst plot/role ever written into the show.

With her new hair, she's practically a new person. It's really incredible how different she looks.

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She is so frakin HOT! She and Tricia Helfer are among the sexiest blondes ever!

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Loved her on 24 :) Awesome!

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I really enjoyed her work in Battlestar Galactica and her appearances in Nip/Tuck. I wasn't a huge fan of Nip/Tuck by its end, but I thought her cold-blooded temptress role was pretty amazing and intriguing. It was a shame to not see her return in that last season. Like a bajillion others, I had a total nerd-crush on her in BSG.

In any case, although I'm not a big fan of animated films or shows, I'll be keeping an eye on this to see if it might be something I like.

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Tony: *dances around plot details*

Katee: *explains plot details in-depth*

Tony: "Well, there you go!"

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Does Jack Bauer come in and shoot her?

Posted by Ziltoid_the_Omniscient

Wow, I didn't even recognize her!! I miss BSG now!
Year one is looking promising so far though!! :)

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Katee Sackoff remains awesome.

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tony seemed nervous as fuck, as he should be

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she pretty :)

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She's pretty hilarious. :P