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That Bald Eagle is stunning!

You got to speak to Stan Lee at least! :D

Stupid Chris Evans and his team! *shakes fist* Keep up the great work Sara!

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Bummer about Chris, but Stan Lee is much hotter anyways!

Posted by Mutie199

Stan Lee is The Man!

Posted by SirSparkington

Too bad about Chris but hey Stan Lee! Honestly, it seems like Stan Lee can talk about anything and bring the enthusiasm of child to it. Great stuff!

Posted by Chesapeake

Haa haa. You have a few more days to track him down.
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Every time I hear Stan Lee talk he makes me smile.

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Stan Lee is so awesome!

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Who cares about Chris Evans, when you get to talk to Stan Lee himself?

Posted by KainScion

stan lee is still pimpin'. bro fist

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shame about Chris Evans but at least you got to talk to Stan Lee.
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Sorry about Chris Evans, but man, I think I'm in agreement with others here, long as you got to talk to The Man himself, that's all that should matter!

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Stan Lee is still awesome, I see! I hope I'm that cool at his age.

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Bald Eagle?! A mother Effin' freaking BALD EAGLE!!!

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So where does Stan Lee cameo in Capt film?

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i'd like to leave a comment but.... its classified.

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Awesome. Always like to see more of Stan Lee. Just a really cool dude it seems. Great interview!

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It's official... Sara is Chris Evans' cutet stalker! ;)

Posted by craigbo180

Always great to see Stan Lee.

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Stan the Man never fails to deliver!  Awesome to see him, as always. 
Sad to see that the Chris Evans situation didn't work out, but thanks for the effort anyway, Sara!  The coverage so far has been great!

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Poor babs, so close yet so far away.

Posted by turoksonofstone

Stan Lee. Meh. Visit the Kirby Collector/ Two Morrows booth pay Homage to the King!

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I was there with Ana and Sara. They kept asking me who I was and why I was there. I told them I was with Comic Vine and that was good enough for them. STATUS, son!

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Stan Lee has always struck me as the hip-grandpa type. So damn cool that you got to talk to him!

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Wow... Stan looks like he got real old lately... :(


stream not found. ):

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Those S.H.I.E.L.D agents probably knew NOTHING hahaha.

Posted by Utandi

Stan Lee is so congenial. Such a lovely person.

Posted by JohnnyMcmillen

Sara is such a good interviewer, host, etc

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Stan Lee is awesome. Shame you didn't get to talk to Chris Evan's though, woulda been cool to see.

Posted by Croi

That sucks! You were so close too! He even looked at the camera!

Posted by FoxxFireArt
Great work in this segment to both Babs and who did her video work. Not forgetting the skillful editing. Personally, I'd take talking to Stan Lee over Chris Evans any day.
@xerox-kitty said:

It's official... Sara is Chris Evans' cutet stalker! ;)

If you had to have a stalker. It should be a cute one. I had two, and they weren't near as lovely.
Posted by mikeclark1982

sucks chris evans wouldnt talk to her, and she said she was gonna drop her number? seriously? if sara lima came to talk to me, id drop everything! seriously, shes that hot. 

Posted by Franstone

There is no denying it...
Chris Evans must be gay.

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Bummer about Chris Evans, but man Stan Lee is a riot, always cool to see him in these interviews

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Sara I love that you got so much of our Avengers booth in this clip!  We put a hell of a lot of work together for it, and the fans seemed to love it!

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In fairness to Mister Evans, he really had no say in whether or not he talked to Sara - I doubt he even knew we were trying! The interview was totally dependent on the scheduling and making that event run on time...I think it could have gone either way, it was just bad luck for us :/

It was still a great time, but ahh, so close yet so far!!

Posted by Eyz

This is definitively my favorite ComicCon video XD
Great to see some of the set for the Avengers :)
Sara, you make one awesome & cute stalker :'3
And Stan Lee! Awww :)
He's the MAN for a reason! XD
Always funny, always great.
"Generalissimo" Heh :) Reminded me of his fun recent cameo in EUREKA: 

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Aww, shame you didn't speak to Chris :(

Posted by kfhrfdu_89_76k

Stan should remember Sara by now. She has interviewed him 3 times! 

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Lol. Nice