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Posted by AHR

These guys cracked me up while I was shooting the interview. Very cool peoples.

Posted by GundamHeavyarms

Sounds good, I think Ill check out the new flash series.

Posted by G-Man

And there totally is a surprise cameo in issue #1.

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@G-Man said:

And there totally is a surprise cameo in issue #1.

good job Tony.Barry Allen 4 ever
Posted by blur1528

Good to hear that they will be on this book for two years!

Posted by katanalauncher

lol, totally awesome editing Ana & Joey ;)

Posted by MrUnknown

I hope Manapul can write but I will definitely check it out for the art alone!

Posted by MrRagePants

A Filipino? I'm both excited and disappointed.

Posted by Outside_85

Kinda amuses me that DC is trying to bury Wally as if he didnt exist and here we have Buccellato wearing a Wally West t-shirt :) 

Posted by Trodorne

Francis I am going to clone you and have you make never ending mini comics of flash for me.

Posted by Amegashita

  Where's Silkcuts, I'm confident he would love this interview.

Posted by RedheadedAtrocitus

Charlie Sheen lol. Still winning huh? And nice on the Filipino bad guy, especially since Manapul is Filipino-Canadian.

Posted by Fantasgasmic

Francis Manapul seems kinda punch drunk/sleep deprived. LIke he's at the level of fatigue where everything is hilarious and awesome.

Posted by Moxtop

I was originally planning on picking this up, but now that they said (from what I understood of it) that they were only on Flash for about two years, I'm kind of put off on jumping onto it, any one else thinking the same thing?

Posted by noj
@Moxtop: Why would that put you off?  Plenty of runs last alot less than 2 years and can still be great
Posted by Moxtop
@noj: At least for me, when I'm buying into a new book, I want it to at least feel like its going to be a steady creative team and go on for a while, just an example off the top of my head is Iron Man, its been Fraction and Larroca for a long time now, and to have them say their only on for two years just twisted me weird for some reason
Posted by ManofSteel

I think I am going to read this series.

Posted by noj
@Moxtop: 2 years is quite awhile imo. Plus they just said that they have the next 2 years planned out, it doesnt mean that they couldnt keep working on it beyond that, but planning too far ahead would be like counting your chickens before they hatch. They very well could last more than two years, but the current story arc thatr they are planning is only going to last that long. Just means they have to come up with more things later
Posted by ImperiousRix

I absolutely love Francis Manapul.  His artwork is what cemented The Flash's latest series as one of my favorites, and Barry Allen as one of my favorite characters.  I cannot wait for this new series.  It's easily the one I'm looking forward to the most in the new 52.

Posted by speedstermike

Man wish Michael Turner was still alive RIP man he would have made it look awesome and wish Waid or Johns did the writing. Bring back Wally. Barry's fine but let Wally have his own comic.

Posted by nnotdead

may gives this a try

Posted by sputnik
@MrRagePants: dude why?
Posted by justafan
@G-Man said:

And there totally is a surprise cameo in issue #1.

charlie sheen?
Posted by labarith

So... you F&ck up a marriage you wrote for 2 B characters, and it's OUR fault?

Posted by Johnnyjavavee

I'm excited for this one. Sounds like a pretty well constructed beginning.

Posted by Joe Venom

Hmmm I wonder what will be happening to the DCU in 2 years?!

Posted by Maki_P

I don't care a rat s about Barry's powers, I want to know what happened with Wally!

Posted by sinful

woot for flash.

Posted by thanobomb1124

: )