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Fantastic editing and great content as always!

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I want to go to SDCC too. So bad!

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Good stuff as always. And Joey looks like he's about to mess someone up with that Lancer.

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WOW. That christopher reeve statue looks amazing

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Hurray for diversity!

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Ana, working overtime but still time for Bronie fist pounds!

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Ya'll are very dressed up, where you off too?

Can't wait to see Sara's interview! great stuff guys keep it up! loving it!

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Sara and Tony looking stylish and professional. Joey looking bad ass!

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Surprised about Pan Am being there but I want one of those bags.  Someone acquire me on.  (JK)

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I would love to go to comic con one day, so much cool stuff.

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I haven't watched much of the Comic-Con clips since I was hoping you guys would of lived stream it but it's still good you guys are hard workers.

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I'm all for Bab's fashion sense but watching that video I was like "Holy crpa what is she wearing?" during the Pan-Am part.

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Pan Am? Really?

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Great video package, nice editing. Joey looking ready to kill someone haha. Awesome stuff.

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Nice space hat, Babs!

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Great wrap up. 

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Sweet more bronies !
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What the hell?!?! 
Why are you giving the time of day to pan am? 
Why is it at comic con?

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Starbuck(don't know her real name) seemed really nice.

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@scodiac: Katee Sackhoff was super cool. Ben McKenzie (voice of Batman) was cool as well.

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Not one minute into the video and already a sexy, half-naked princess. Great job video editors. =D
That Christopher Reeves statue is almost kind of creepy with how real it looks. 
Diversity in comics is a tough issue. So many heroes are just a bunch of white guys/girls. More backgrounds deserve some attention. It's not as if America is some sort of monochromatic nation. It's far more diverse than many other nations. The stories should reflect that. I remember it was a pretty big deal when McFarlane did Spawn. You just have to want that fine line and avoid stereotypes.
I never saw Inception, and I don't plan to either.
Some great coverage, so far. Good posts, well edited videos, and great cosplay pictures.

I am so envious of those Han Solo ice cream molds. I don't know how well they'll work but they could be very cool. (pun intended)

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That cup of water looks good. lol

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Great stuff! Keep it coming gang.
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Such a great photo!

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Great work as usual.

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I love Francis Manapul! 
So much cool stuff to see and do.  Wish I was there!

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babs I love that you grew your hair out
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Friday was so much fun.  I saw Conan O'Brien (walked right past me), and actor Mark Sheppard, met Tony and Sara at the meet and greet and got to talk with them and show a preview of "Monkey Boy #2: Who is the Almighty Dollar?"  Who guys, everyone from Comic Vine, was so nice.  met actor Ken Morino, met Andrew W.K., saw Matt Greoning (creator of the Simpsons), saw the creators of the Venture Brothers Doc Hammer and Jackson Publik.  It was so great.

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Sweet video guys, and Starbuck is the shnift.

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Francis Manapul is the business. That was a great looking Batman sketch. And he just keeps getting better.

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Very cool. Nice subtle Inception soundbite there.

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@sammo21 said:

I'm all for Bab's fashion sense but watching that video I was like "Holy crpa what is she wearing?" during the Pan-Am part.

You know, clothes.

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@Babs: I figured it boiled down to Comic Con was hot and you need to be comfortable.

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DIVERSITY IN THE LINE??? Mr.Lee do you mean the DC line? Really all 4 black characters? and what 1 Latino character? REALLY? Just because you've replaced John Stewart with Cyborg doesn't make it multicultural now or diverse. The DC universe has always been a bit whitewashed, I'm sorry a lot. Marvel is not that much better but has had more Latino and Black characters highlighted over the years. Yeah can't agree with that comment there Jimbo.

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LOL at the Inception sound - and I love Katie Sackhoff, funny stuff.

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Wow both of you guys looked awesome. I bet Sara got more than a few double takes on the floor and Tony's hair is going grey with style (oh god I hope it was grey and not just lighting). It gives him an awesome Reed Richards look. It was cool to see some shots of the video crew, nice to seem them having some fun. 

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good job