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Posted by RedRobin92

Bruce Timm is still a genius 

Posted by NightFang

Don't you just love Bruce Timm!

Posted by Scodiac

The guy does great work. 

Posted by SpaceCommander

DC animation should seriously do a Flash feature film.  They have basically done all the major DC characters except for Flash... and Aquaman.

Posted by quiksilver70777

I want them to produce a hush film. I want to see Batman Hush and the movie should be 90 mins long.

Posted by B_Heart

Everyone loves Bruce Timm! Can't wait to see what he's working on next after Batman Year One

Posted by AlwaysBeClothing

Tony is great interviewing stars and comic big wigs.

Posted by shawn87

Clearly a man who knows what he's talking about

Posted by ImperiousRix

One of my idols in the comic industry.  I love it!

Posted by cattlebattle
Bruce Timm = amazing
Posted by Bestostero

This movie does seem shorter than expected, its only an hour and a few minutes I think ...
Looking forward to this, I have this preordered along with Arkham City, October 18 is gonna be a great day lol

Posted by csl316

He can do no wrong.

Posted by RedheadedAtrocitus

Wickedly awesome interview! 

Posted by G-Man

@quiksilver70777: What about The Killing Joke?

@alwaysbeclothing: @RedheadedAtrocitus: THANKS!

Posted by The Sadhu

I would love to see three animated features from DC and Mr Timm 
The Flash 
Kingdom Come
Posted by Zuckuss_02

I would love to see Bruce Timm one day get back to the DCAU & make another great series. Until then, I will continue to buy these animated movies on blu-ray. I still want a Flash animated movie & please make more shorts. I heard that the Catwoman one was gonna be the last one, but I hope they change their minds.

Posted by Emperor Gonzo Noir

Flaming C series. Make this happen.

Posted by Sammo21

While DC overall movies are generally meh they do an amazing job with their animation thanks to this man (and a few others).

Posted by kennybaese

@sammo21 said:

While DC overall movies are generally meh they do an amazing job with their animation thanks to this man (and a few others).

I think that a lot of the team movies that they do are meh (the one that immediately comes to mind is JLA: Crisis on Two Earths, or whatever it was called) but the solo character stuff tends to be, for the most part, pretty fantastic. Green Lantern: First Flight was pretty good and both Batman: Under the Red Hood and All Star Superman were amazing.

DC Animation has earned my trust implicitly with Batman, so I'm looking forward to this hitting DVD.

Posted by Outside_85

Would love for them to begin making something out of the Teen Titans.

Posted by TDK_1997

Great guy

Posted by lapis2

they announced the next few movies.  I think the JLA babel story is next, cant remember the 1 after that, but then.......A 2 PART DARK KNIGHT DETECTIVE RETURNS!!!!! cant wait! 
they should let Tims team do a live action movie, or at least write the screenplay.  If you go back and look at batman, superman, jla, batman beyond, brave and the bold, ect they seem to be able to tell a better story in 22 minutes than most live actions movies tell in 2 hours, and obviously the feature length stuff they do is great.

Posted by sinful

He not pretty :)