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The dude from "The OC" is Batman now? Didn't see that one coming. Sounds like he can pull it off though. 

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Good interview. 

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Even though it seems like a odd choice for Batman, DC animated movies have always had good voice actors that come through, so I'm going to wait to make a judgement till after I see the flick.

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this guy seems like he half knows what hes talking about

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Voice actors always surprise me. Men play women, women play men, people who i would never have guessed to play certain character provide voices for them...
This doesn't seem like it will suck. lol
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Hmmm...not exactly the guy I would want to voice him but who knows, maybe it will be good!

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He was pretty rough on the OC...great actor

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man, am i the only person who is pretty amped to see ben voice bruce? and yeah, i was a fan of the oc, and i think he fits the bill of batman... good job dc/warner brothers! 

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sounds like he'll do a pretty good job... 
interesting to note that he keeps calling it a graphic novel rather than a comic - as if he's trying to make it sound more 'professional' than just a comic... i don't know just something i thought when i watched it. 
great interview though...

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I think he'll do a good job

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@RUSTMAN said:
sounds like he'll do a pretty good job...  interesting to note that he keeps calling it a graphic novel rather than a comic - as if he's trying to make it sound more 'professional' than just a comic... i don't know just something i thought when i watched it.  great interview though...
They probably gave him the trade version so he thought it's a graphic novel.  
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Did Kevin Conroy quit voice acting or piss off DC or something?  There seems to be a flat out refusal to use him in movies despite the fact that he's kinda the best Batman by far.  Good for Ben Mac though.  He does good work as an actor.

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I love Ben McKenzie, he will be awesome as Batman

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@mikeclark1982: Andrea Romano has always been brilliant with the voice casting. I always have complete faith in what she decides.

@RUSTMAN: I'd say he's probably referring to it as a graphic novel because it's been collected as a trade for the longest time. It feels like a graphic novel. But I love that he's upfront that he knows the character but isn't a complete expert. Bugs me when people pretend to know everything.

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Had to smile quite often, he´s a funny guy.

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@sickVisionz: I dont think so. yes Kevin Conroy is the most notable voice for batman for the last 20 years but like he said in an Interview, He cant be the voice of Batman forever. I also think its fitting for another voice actor to be batman as Year One is a different approach to the Batman Mythology. I would almost say having Conroy voice him would be somewhat distracting. So basically, diff story, diff bats
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@lastdrag0n89: I completely agree. It's good to get some variety and see other's interpretation. It's like no matter how good your favorite artist is, you wouldn't necessarily want the same person doing the same book always. We'd never discover what other great talents are out there.

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That's impressive that Ben wasn't a big fan of comic books, but actually knew and loved Year One before doing this performance.  

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@lastdrag0n89: I agree with you exactly, in fact I think we get too hung up on having the same person voice the same role in these movies and cartoons. I for one loved John Di Maggio as the Joker in Under the Red Hood but the internet was flaming it before hand complaining that Mark Hamill wasn't voicing him in that production. It's refreshing to hear new voices in familiar roles and see their take on characters we are already familiar with
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Ben seems like a pretty cool guy. I  have faith that this movie will be very good.
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Ben McKenzie is Batman? 

RYAN!! <3333
Fab interview, I'm so excited for this!
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When he said that he had been helped a lot by  Andrea Romano and Bruce Timm, in the little pause before he said "Timm," I thought "WAYNE? HE WAS HELPED BY BATMAN HIMSELF?!?!"  I feel rather stupid >_>.

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Woo!  Hopefully this will turn out good!  Cast sounds sweet!

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woot for batman

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