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Posted by WolfMonkey

craziest thing i've ever seen 

Posted by Wattup

Very cool. I think I liked Chris' the best. 8 )

Posted by longbowhunter

The Dennis Calero sketch was the best. I wanna see Batman and his broom take on Toxie and his mop.
Posted by Baddamdog

Haha, so awesome

Posted by Johnnyjavavee

Dennis Calero.

Edited by AlwaysBeClothing

The Sweep Knight strikes again

Its really cool to see the different interpretations, I was impressed when the man busted out water colors.

I enjoyed Gomez or Calero's takes on it, they put in nice extra touches.

Posted by Bestostero

They all had great interpretations of Batman with a broom! lol 
awesome video

Posted by Fantasgasmic

I was really hoping someone would draw Batman with Professor Broom from Hellboy.

Posted by Decept-O

Each one was great! I am envious, G-Man has some great art by great comic artists ( again). *sigh* I am impressed by how quickly and how well done each piece was executed.

Posted by The Poet

*chuckles* thanks G-man this is the best!

Posted by Schven99

Go go Batbroom!

Posted by kungnima

what did Dustin answer when you said it was probably Bat-related?

Posted by zombietag


Posted by DazzHardy

This just became my favourite video you guys did this year. Also, of course Batman would hit people in the face with a broom, he's BATMAN. So, yeah, I had a clear favourite. Also, loved seeing how they all went about sketching their lines differently, that was awesome stuff.

Posted by G-Man

@kungnima: I think he said peanut butter.

Posted by kungnima
@G-Man: I see..
Posted by GT-Man

I think the last 3 were the best and B-Man was cute too along with the other look alike
Posted by FalcomAdol

Loved Dennis Calero's take. I'd like to see Erik Larsen sketch this one.
Actually, why hasn't Erik been on the podcast yet? Isn't he living in the bay area?

Posted by kitsuneconundrum

batman's a wizard. i knew it all along.

Posted by cosmo111687

By far my favourite SDCC video yet. :)

Posted by B'Town

I love them all. So, much fun to watch the different techniques and style. Thanks so much.

Posted by nazer858

@Johnnyjavavee said:

Dennis Calero.

So dope

Posted by RedheadedAtrocitus

This is great! :) I loved Joel's despite all he said! All of these were awesome though. I want them, each and every last one of them. Especially Manapul's!

Posted by ComicCrazy

AWESOME!!!!!!! I am so stealing that book off Tony LOL

Posted by RetroLegends

Very Nice, Ive always loved Dustins work and to see Francis with water colors wow, just amazing to work that quickly. 

Posted by cdeoleo

This was awesome, really cool and unique idea. Seeing multiple artist interpret something is the best.
Also Francis Manapul for the WIN!

Posted by RUSTMAN

they're all fantastic... looking forward to more videos like this!

Edited by The_Tree

Very funny!
I think Dennis' and Francis' were the best!

Posted by Kesaj

So Random... xD   My favorite was Calero's one

Posted by Joe Venom

Francis Manapul FTW!!!.............Now, about that interview? :D

Posted by carnivalofsins00

That's a cool trick. Macking up these challenges and getting free art. Very slick.

Posted by shawn87

Now that was an awesome video. You're lucky you got to keep them all G-Man

Posted by Coldcrush
Manapul was my favorite. Effin amazing
Posted by bunkerbuster05

Man, if only I had one ounce of their talent.

Great video Tony, as usual.

Posted by Jolt92

Awesome concept, and my favorite was the Peter Nguyen.

Posted by X-93

Favorite was Calero. Smack and sweep u up with a broom.

Posted by rogue_mar1e

Great vid ! 
I liked Gomez and Calero's the best xD

Posted by TheMadMonkey

I rather liked how all the artists put on their "work" faces as soon as they got down to drawing. 
It was very much in the same attitude as watching Harpo Marx do his pantomime, then having him play a harp.

Posted by TheMadMonkey
@FalcomAdol said:
Loved Dennis Calero's take. I'd like to see Erik Larsen sketch this one.  Actually, why hasn't Erik been on the podcast yet? Isn't he living in the bay area?
Erik works for that "other" comic book website.
Posted by Baal_Sagoth

Some very cool sketches and artists. Excellent video. I think I'm partial towards the interpretations of Batman riding the broom like a sorceror or witch. But they're all very nice.

Posted by Sammo21

so I have never been to a comic convention though I plan to attend one next year. How hard is it to get drawings like this from artists? Is it a fairly quick process? And do they charge money (because for such great work they have the right to obviously). Just wondering and awesome video! Some amazing artwork from amazing artists.

Posted by FalcomAdol
@TheMadMonkey said:
Erik works for that "other" comic book website.
There's another comic book website?
Posted by Phantim555

Dennis Calero hands down had the best Batman with a broom
Posted by RareCheshire

Dennis Calero literally cleaned up crime with his Batman broom picture!

Posted by G-Man

@Sammo21: It depends on the artist. Some will put you on a list and ask you to return later. Others will do them on the spot until they have to go to a panel or signing. Most charge money (it's how they make money and they need to pay $$ for their table in Artist Alley, it's not free). Some artist do free head sketches. It all depends. And obviously you'd have better luck at smaller conventions. But all the artists I've talked to are super cool. Artist Alley is one of my favorites spots at Comic-Con since you get to just talk to them.

Posted by Sammo21

@G-Man: OK cool, thanks for responding! I will keep that in mind. I figured they did charge something (as I said they have a right to) as it pays for them and helps them keep doing stuff like that. I need to figure out what are good conventions to go to in the South East US other than Dragon Con. Many artists I love to meet never seem to be around here.

Posted by kennybaese

I liked Manapul's and Calero's the best. Good stuff all around though.

Posted by LFCMANIA

we can only think why the hell dennis calero hasnt been an artist for any batman series i mean....come on!! that was one of the best batmans ive ever seen drawn!!
Posted by SirSparkington

@longbowhunter said:

The Dennis Calero sketch was the best. I wanna see Batman and his broom take on Toxie and his mop.


Love these types of videos. Keep them coming.

Posted by Daveyo520

You're a wizard Bruce!

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