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Nice interview!

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haveing truble watching it, about 2:53
Posted by cbishop

the audio dips out at 2:45
Posted by grimm
@jamdown: Yea the audio goes away there for somer reason.
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"haveing truble watching it, about 2:53 "


Same here
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@cbishop said:

" the audio dips out at 2:45 "

@jamdown said:

" haveing truble watching it, about 2:53 "
Yeah past the audio going out, the video is just not working.

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Well it was a great interview right up to the cut. Just happened to read the chapter with Kurt for the first time TODAY so it was nice to hear more on it. ^_^
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Video is fixed!

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One of the greatest X-Artist ever! 
Great interview G-Man, and great cam work, Mr.F .
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he says ummmmm a lot

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So, what about it?  Let's see some Chomper Stompers info. :)

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He's the best. Mike and Sonya really made the xforce books.

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His work is just AMAZING!

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I'm so excited to see that Mike Choi does next. X-Force looked awesome. He's definitely one of my favourite pencilers.

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@adoggez1:  Yeah, it was annoying to listen to.
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Liked Mike Choi's art and the X-Force books. But I must say: Mike Choi's sister as a comic book writer? Not so much. Lady Deadpool was pretty bad if you ask me.

Posted by antiterra

 I'm so glad he's the one who got to draw Kurt's death, and not Greg Land (ugh, get him away from my X-Men!!!). He handled everything so well - the silent panels, Rogue's expression, Kurt dying in Hope's arms, the way Emma looks away when Logan, Betsy and the others come back...

The page after that is one of my favourite in all of Second Coming. In the top panel Laura simply asks "Who?", Cyclops lowers his eyes, Wolverine's bloody blades come out, and the final panel shows a very grave-looking Logan just muttering, "Elf." 

X-Force #26 was definitely a stand-out not just in Second Coming, but in everything I've read this year.    

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Choi & Oback definitely had the best art in the whole of Second Coming.  The speechless pages when the Nimrods were attacking were horrific, but amazing.  They demonstrated how much faith Messers Kyle & Yost put in them as story-tellers (something the likes of Chris Claremont wouldn't do).  I'm seriously going to miss their work on X-Force, but look forward to their next secret Marvel project.  In the meantime:  
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I´m looking forward to his new Marvel stuff.

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Great artist
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 I loved how was made the dead of the fuzzy elf, and he Mike Choi one of the main reasons.    

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wow terrible

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I like his art so much. He can draw real emotions.

Great interview!

Posted by xerox_kitty
@twiztidtunes said:
" wow terrible "
What's terrible?
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@xerox-kitty:  multiple things besides the video being all choppy for me, it happens not complaining. It mostly just killing Nightcrawler only for him to be brought back after we find out he bamfed and was saved or something like that.
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@twiztidtunes: I understand about the 'choppy' aspect of the video.  I'm not sure I follow you with the comment about Nightcrawler; a tragic sacrifice like that won't be undone for many years.   
Personally I find it strange when artists & writers say they were happy with killing a character or ending a series.  They see it from a logical point of view that they've achieved something.  From a fan's point of view, I just see the tragedy or losing a beloved character, or the sadness at seeing a good title end.
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Hope he keeps up the good work! This guy is the best right now...

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Choi is hoping Odin will protect him from the angry Nightcrawler fans who are out for blood.

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Great Art.

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