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It must be a relief for him not having to keep all these Marvel movie announcements a secret.
Edit: He couldn't even talk about the shield lol, I'm sure now that the Marvel Studios Panel is done and footage was shown, he could probably give more details.

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What is with that secret door? lol

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was he in a rush?  what could he possible be busy with??  we want mooore quesada interview!

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do you think Disney gave him that shirt for free?

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@aztek the lost said:
" do you think Disney gave him that shirt for free? "
ROFL. So true.
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@grimm said:
" What is with that secret door? lol "
Yeah, I was wondering that the whole time, I didn't pay attention to the interview and had to watch again. :D 
"Hey, we're trying to do an interview here, do you mind?!"
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The first part of ASM - One Moment In Time was a decent read but I really hated the way Joe Quesada drew Peter Parker and Mary Jane. It looks like Peter has gained weight and I guess MJ isn't a model any more, the way she is drawn here. Their facial expressions also look very strange. This really ruined the issue for me. I hope this is improved in the next part so it isn't the artwork that ruins the whole thing.   

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Good interview. Nice that G-Man didn't try to dwell on one topic. Short sweet and to the point.

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Men AND women will enjoy it?!
 Wow, that's a milestone.

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Great interview Tony!

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It's nice to see that he is wearing  his companies logo on his shirt  while he is  there . 
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Holy frankensteins ghost Batman it's a Marvel
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its always fun to see g-man trying to squeeze some secret info outa them . 

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I like Joe Q 
some people just don't give him enough credit

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From the first release of OMIT? "If I could turn back ti-ime.. I'd take back O-MIT...!"

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Joe Quesada a real honor