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Edited by jakob187

OH SNAP!  One of the interviews I had HOPED would show up on Comic Vine! 
Okay, so the beginning pages of Batman & Robin #13 weren't just some crazy thing.  Dick Grayson is ACTUALLY GETTING SHOT IN THE HEAD! 
Damn, this is one smart Scotsman! 
I will say, though, that I don't know what I think exactly about Yanick Paquette on Batman, Inc.  So far, the Morrison stories for Batman have lent themselves to far more interesting forms of artwork.  It's why guys like Quietly and Daniel and Tan have worked so well.  Paquette's work has always been a bit clean in comparison.  Hopefully, it works out well. 
I don't know.  Maybe I just wasn't really into Paquette's art on Return of Bruce Wayne #3.

Edited by Comiclove5

I can't believe he was there he is my favorite witer, heck my first writer.  
He just wouldn't budge, anywho great interview Babs.

Posted by ForbushBug

Looking at and listening to Morrison, I expected him to say "jings' like Wee Hughie from the Boys.

Posted by Jord

yeah he's one of the handfull i would REALLY want to talk to at SDCC.  just a brilliant, twisted, genius.  excellent work, Babs!!

Posted by *Girl of Steel*

Awesome interview Babs, Morrison has such an interesting  perspective and just the originality. 
Wow, shot in the head that's intense much. 

Posted by The Cyan Lantern

was just listening to his DC Focus: Grant Morrison podcast.

Posted by Dr. Maxwell

AHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH. Can't wait can't wait can't wait
Posted by excalibur5150

I can listen to his voice all day!  What a cool guy!
Posted by jaymastergwapo

way to go babs! before, you're just doing comics reviews but now you're having interviews with the best guys in comics industry. way to cool!

Posted by the_nightwalker

 Okay, so the beginning pages of Batman & Robin #13 weren't just some crazy thing.  Dick Grayson is ACTUALLY GETTING SHOT IN THE HEAD! 
 @jakob187: Damn! if that's how they get dick out of the way that would be absolutely terrible worse than killing jason.

Posted by sora_thekey

This is my favorite interview of the Con... probably cause the man writes my favorite comic book... Joe the Barbarian!

Posted by cbishop

Nice interview.  More interested in Batman Inc. than Grayson getting shot.

Posted by FadeToBlackBolt

I am so jealous of Babs, getting to meet, in my opinion, the greatest author of the modern age!
Batman Inc. looks interesting, probably some kind of Batman family only Justice league. 
All around, great time to be a fan of the Dark Knight!

Posted by Pizawle

Morrison is so cool. 
Great interview, Babs!

Posted by TheMess1428

All I know is that Dick Grayson better not die or become a cripple. 
And did he say there is going to be a comic called BATMAN INCORPORATED?

Edited by abedrak

When I started reading comics the first one I read was Batman #655 and thanks to Morrison I've been more and more into comics. He is one hell of a writer, he combines hidden elements in his stories, mithology and some magical references. 
I love what he's been doing with Dick on his run. I hope Dick would continue to be Batman (well, first of all be alive).

Posted by xxSadisticSmilexx

Well after seeing that I hate Morrison a bit less.  He seems like a decent enough guy.  He gave some hints to how this ends and if it is going to end the way I think it will, I may take back every bad thing I ever said about this running series.

Posted by abedrak
@TheMess1428: Is his new Batman book. Batman & Robin will be written by Peter Tomasi.
Posted by iLLituracy

Ahahaha. The way he said Dick is going to get shot in the head.

Posted by RedHurricane24

Regarding Morrison saying that Dick will actually get shot, I dunno how to take that bit of knowledge. I just hope he doesn't die.

Posted by Nick-SV(ril)

Cool interview. Curious to see whats gonna happen with Dick next

Posted by Joey Ravn

I absolutely adore Grant Morrison. He's, by far, the author that has made the deepest impact in my life. I hope he's at Comic Con in a few years, when I'll be able to go there. Meeting him in person, woah... That'd be AWESOME.

Posted by johnny_spam

I am so happy he is staying on the Batman books. 

Posted by CrimsonInuTears

Oh man, I am so happy right now~ Grant makes me comic runs worth it~ Good to hear that Damian's not just gonna get the boot when Brucy's back, but the whole Dick thing really REALLY worries me... Cause we've seen what a shot to the head can do to a guy... Oh man... Now I can't wait for September!
Posted by imaginaryman

Nice interview Babs! ^_~ 
I love Grant Morrison, I think out of all the other writers of batman he is the only one who really explores Bruce's family (it started because of his family) and I like that a lot! its drama, but really good drama.

Posted by kungnima

wonder what ideas he has hidden.. under the scotsmans kilt?!

Posted by Achilles.

hahaha dick is going to get shot in the head 
btw great interview babs

Posted by Theodore

wow awesome interview! I hope Dick doesnt get shot...

Posted by timrothsays

that bloody accent! i'm in looove <3

Posted by B'Town

This was a terrific interview, nice job Babs.   
I am really enjoying Grant's Batman and Robin.  The story has been so twisted at times I have to set the book down and take a breath.  I renewed my subscription and I'm glad for it. 
Posted by skaarason

yes gm !!!!!!

Posted by Colt

wow, thats a real good lex luthor cosplayer!

Posted by BeanoFritz

Babs was so nervous, it was funny

Posted by Crimson Eagle

Morrison is a mad genius.

but i don't want Dick Grayson to get shot in the head and die.

Posted by IronSpidy-Rooney

Why is it the Scottish writers the come up with some of the strangest but what turn into some of the best stories being writen

Posted by MisterMollusk

Great stuff.

Posted by waruikumo

Woah woah woah.... 
Batman Inc.  
color me excited

Posted by grayrick949

what we are comic viners ? 

Posted by NeoEtruscan

Wow, Can't wait for Batman Inc.

Posted by seagalli

Grant is so cool he makes mistakes just to know what it feels like. 
But seriously, great questions Babs. I really thought he was going to spill the beans there for a second.

Edited by FLStyle

I believe we just heard a 3rd pronunciation for Ra's
There's "Raz" (majority), "Raysh" (Tony) and Grant's "Rash." Good ol' Scottish accent.
Was looking forward to a potential interview with this guy, good luck to him on future Batman stories.

Posted by Lucidforest
Just for the record, I'm Scottish, from the very same city as Grant and that's the first I've heard it pronounced as 'rash'! Mister Morrison is just a bit quirky is all!
Posted by MadripoorEconomy

I'd rather be referred to as a Comic Vineyard.

Posted by Son_of_Magnus

I think he's on something

Posted by BenYang

DAMN! Searched all over the place for Grant Morrison. Jealous.

Posted by kingfrogger666

dick get shot in the head..............WTF!!!!

Posted by Coxon9

grant morrison looks like how i imagine professor x to look like in the real world

Posted by joshmightbe

i don't know if i like dick getting shot in the head

Posted by Booly

I would hope the Dick Grayson shot in the head line was a joke or him just messing with her.  
I started getting Batman again BECAUSE Dick Grayson took over the cowl. Him dead or at the very least in a vegetable state will ensure that Batman is no longer in my pull

Posted by The_Martian

This guy is so creative!

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