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all hail queen babs
you could kick that scarlet witch's butt

Posted by Alecco

same here...

Posted by MI 6

Barbs in Cleopatra is so awesome that ....................video stops  LOL

Posted by Emerald Dragonfly

Doesn't work

Posted by Ed Wood

That throne looks sweet.
Posted by ComicMan24

The vid doesn't work. But the throne looks epic. Must be awesome to sit there.
Posted by Nick-SV(ril)

I guess you CV guys need to take it easy until you get back from Comic Con, and post stuff with no rush.and yeah, the throne looks awesome

Posted by growup

The videos on this site just aren't working.

Posted by Nick-SV(ril)

I thought it was only about this one and the interview with Dan Didio, cause Ive seen the previous ones. weird

Edited by FoxxFireArt

I was going to skip watching this for later. That was until I saw that incredible image of Babs on that throne. When I first saw images of that throne. I wondered if anyone ever got to sit in it. I had to see the whole video. I actually concur with the comments above. On that giant-golden throne. Babs does hold that air of Cleopatra-esque elegance. Though, given mythology at hand. I would probably say the Norse goddess Freyja would be more appropriate. Perhaps, you could get Red L.A.M.P. to have one made for the new office. lol
Alas, I must wait to watch this in full. I can not view this either. It just perpetually loads and never starts.

Posted by IronSpidy-Rooney

Meh my thrones better

Posted by excalibur5150

The video ain't working for me.
Posted by imaginaryman

The vid doesn't want to play :(

Posted by doordoor123

they dont want people to finish the quests lol

Posted by MichaelBach

200 error vid not found

Posted by mimschkin

Yep, the video's buggered. Which sucks, because Babs looks really nice on her throne.

Posted by Baddamdog

Ohhh it's not working! D_X

Edited by ArtisticNeedham

The Tick booth in the background, if I had gone that day (is day 2 Thursday or Friday?)  I would have probably been there.
Wish I had a full pass from Thursday to Sunday this year.

Posted by darkking

sitting on odion's chain , awesome and lucky .
Posted by Mainline

Can't wait until those interviews are posted, awesome coverage guys, keep your spirits up!

Posted by Emerald Dragonfly

Deadpool on Odin's throne! 

Posted by blaakmawf

I like that dude who flexed on cam while he walked in the background.

Posted by FLStyle

Wow, that's a packed day. Looking forward to some of those interviews. Go Team CV!

Posted by Mediant

Wow. More of that Scarlet Witch pls.

Posted by Nick-SV(ril)

Awesomeness. and I gotta say, those tote bags Tom posted a while back? these are HUGE. there were some guys walking around with those. Man, I want a Brightest Day one so bad

Posted by Tainted-Cell

I'd want a beer too

Posted by jamdown

the guy in the back round at about 1:43, and the daed pool on the throne classic
Posted by Iron Apollo

it would be funny to have seen sara on odin's chair in her ww costume
Posted by cbishop

Babs, that screen shot of you sitting in the throne seriously needs to be your profile picture.

Posted by Psyker star

Dead pool on the throne awesome

Posted by BoOMbOoMpOw

The video works for me .

Posted by .Mistress Redhead.

good god that Scarlett Witch really was brilliant!!!  
Great fun guys, keep up the good work we all love watching what your up too!! 
* jealous as all hell*

Posted by Bestostero

I can't wait for DC Online!!! Young Justice...in the background! weee

Posted by IrishX

Scarlet Witch ftw

Posted by Captain Bintang

that Scarlet Witch was mental!!
Babs - interview her.

Posted by busterblader

I believe this is the Scarlet witch you are looking for 

Posted by Crimson Eagle

I want too sit on the throne!!!!!!!!!!!!

Posted by Soakle

Can't wait  for the Matt Fraction interview

Posted by ForbushBug
@busterblader said:
" I believe this is the Scarlet witch you are looking for    http://yayahan.com/ "
I love Yaya! She's devastating dressed as Christie from DOA.
Posted by Comiclove5

Matt Fraction is funny in a dry humor kinda of way.
Posted by FadeToBlackBolt

And from now on, it will be Odin sitting in Babs' throne.

Posted by ~Marauder~

LOl Deadpool on throne =D

Posted by briangermain1

Loved the Stan Lee interview Babs, I hope to have you and the crew out to XcapeCON soon!

Posted by MEBBIN

Taking the yawn-to-pose to new heights.
Posted by ComicMan24

Everything looks great. Babs, how does it feel to be a queen?
Posted by Eyz

Nice recap!
And what a lovely Scarlet Witch at the end :P

Posted by MadripoorEconomy

I have got to get to this next year!!

Posted by arrowfan237

I can't believe someone got STABBED there.
Posted by darkrider


 sara and tony thanks you for all your hard work
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