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First day. It had to be amazing. Thank you for the updates because I couldn't go :( So I can live vicariously through you two. :)

Posted by sithden81

Good job on covering the con great stuff. Keep it up!

Posted by The_Martian

Looks like fun!

Posted by sithden81

Cool Great stuff wish I was there. Can't wait to hear more new from comic con.

Posted by mystery997

Guys wow i cant Duckin believe it why cant i be there with u  
Posted by MichaelBach

I have to save some of these videos for the weekend. Great coverage!

Posted by Asymmetrical

haha, Birdman, epic!

Posted by ComicMan24

Great job guys! I can't wait to see the rest. Everything looks awesome.

Posted by Shatterstar

lmao @ waffle man.  
Jealousy...rising... Odin's throne looks awesome. So did the Walking Dead set. 

Posted by zombietag

i love how you guys just have fun. certian, *ahem* other websites, can be so serious its stupid. 
you guys have a ton of fun and your stoked to meet fans, i love watching these videos :) one day ill meet you guys out there. or nycc. or something. haha

Posted by MrMazz

I gotta go next year i wonder if we will see a group picc or pic of some sort of G Man on Odins Throne 

Posted by bmak

Wish I could be there with you guys, it must be crazyyy

Posted by CaptainCockblock

Good to run into you guys. Stan Lee actually requested for the Golden Throne to be put in his office.

Posted by MEBBIN

Awesome! Can't wait for more great coverage. =)))

Posted by FoxxFireArt

Seriously good editing work on this video. I like the touch of showing brief clips of the interviews after the names are mentioned. It gave the clip a nice fluid pace. I also seriously adore that opener for the SDCC credits.
My fingers kind of hurt. I was doing a lot of submitting on Anime Vice today. On top of that, I have to come here and show your Comic Con coverage support.
Damn, I bet that guy in the Deadpool suit was sweating like a greased hog in that outfit. He should know that selling musical rights in a mute point. Disney owns him, Heart and Soul.


tha x-force creators are all great, especially choi. i've talked to him at a couple conventions and he's a great guy. u talked to yost, kyle, and stan lee ofcourse. so many other people. looks great, really wish i was there now. next year tho! 
and scarlet witch? really? lol, maybe she used her powers to form a reality in which she was in tha movie
Posted by Tormenta

sounds interesting :D Can't wait!

Posted by Comiclove5

I wish I could come.
Posted by ArtisticNeedham

I wont be able to get back till Sunday, will you guys be there?
I hope so.
I want to go to the Meet and Greet thing but I don't think I can make that.
You guys should go check out, or do a segment on the Portfolio Review area.  Where aspiring artists spend most of the Comic Con trying to get reviewed.

Posted by Scrumdidlyumptious

Aw no counter protest footage?

Posted by ShirEPanjshir

Heh, that Deadpool guy was awesome. Though I pity him a bit, it must get very hot in that suit. And since he seems to be constantly busy taking pictures with people.

Posted by modestmoose

I want a ComicVine shirt ]:

Posted by Mortein

lol fat deadpool

Posted by .Mistress Redhead.

wow day one was mental!!! thanks for the recap guys, makes it easy for us to look out for what interviews we want to see etc :) 
Babs, where is your T-shirt young lady!! ;)

Posted by FLStyle

I would watch Deadpool: The Movie: The Musical. More James Robinson content!
Great first video Ana, now get back to work!

Posted by Chaos Burn

I hate Britain and it's lack of comic love

Posted by zabdi
@Chaos Burn said:
" I hate Britain and it's lack of comic love "
its not that theres less comic love theres just less people to make such a con viable
Posted by TheMarvelFanboy

SDCC sounds like a lot of fun. Where can I get a Comicvine t-shirt?

Posted by doordoor123

Looks like youre having fun. Good for you.

Posted by TheMarvelFanboy

Odin's throne for the Thor movie looks amazing!!! Thank you Tony and Sara for the footage.    
Posted by NightFang

Wise I was there, with you guys!

Posted by vegeta

man i want to go to one of those
Posted by ceniza

looks pretty amazing. cant wait.

Posted by Neon Black

I wish I was there

Posted by Timmy_Wackford

Got to say the editing on this video was phenomenal. They need to keep up that style it really lets the bit flow. 

Posted by mightiness

You guys are so likable and really make this community fun.

Posted by Oversoulx1

 Good job on covering the con. really feels like I'm there

Posted by skprgb

cool hoping to go next year maybe they'll have some avengers movie stuff :-)

Posted by tekworm

keep up the great work!

Posted by imaginaryman

someday i am definitely gonna go there, Someday :D

Posted by War Killer

LOL Right when I was thinking someone should do something in the background, that little kid pops up at the end xD I wish I was there so bad!!!!!! ^_^

Posted by manofsteel42

Posted by robokungfu

I loathe, Deadpool, LOATHE, but that was a good costume.  Thanks for the in-depth coverage you all do!  Also, I really want a comic-vine shirt now. :)

Posted by waruikumo

Oiiiiiiii,  Kyle/Yost on Uncanny, BEAT IT FRACTION!!!!!!

Posted by logan48227

Is Gail Simone really really tall or is Babs just really small? Or is it a combination of both?

Posted by milleniumcyke

The opening blurb reads June 22nd. The only reason I realized is because that's my wedding anniversary. You scared me for a second. I thought I had forgotten.

Posted by Crimson Eagle

I want to sit on Odin's shiny throne.
Posted by jcj145

I love it! You guess are so genuinely excited to be there and its why I love this site, its not a job its a passion! Continue to do great work and keep us in the loop! Continue having a blast at THE Con!

Posted by The Poet


Posted by AntiCitizen

Gotta hand it to  you, I would have shit my pants talking to Stan Lee.

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