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Great Interview!
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Bendis is awesome!

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Tell him to stop screwing up Noh-Varr!

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I'm really looking forward to more Avengers!!!! ^_^ Great interview, Babs!! :D

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I might not like all the comics he puts out, but the guy is passionate about his stuff.

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  Avengers is too kiddy a the moment. I hope this changes in the future.

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i love the avengers
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BMB seems like a nice guy.  His writing style definitely is a love it, hate it style but he is really into all of his properties and that is what you want from a comic writer.

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Cool interview. Bendis is amazing. I really like his Avengers.

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awesome interview
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cool, the poster of the avengers was amazing especially the Thing

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Excellent interview!  I wasn't aware of the Scarlet title.  I'll have to check that out.

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"Scarlet" sounds intriguing.

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Great Interview, Babs. 
I'll be seeing Bendis at Baltimore Comic Con.

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My hero...Romita Jr. I'm not really digging his art but sometime its awesome, Yea i actually liked Norman I was hoping he would last longer

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Great interview!
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Norman is coming back! :o
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I really want to read Scarlet, it sounds to be much better than his Avengers :)

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you guys u
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@RomaTotti10 said:
"   Avengers is too kiddy a the moment. I hope this changes in the future. "
yeah, i just gave up on it with that last issue. it's just not good.
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excellent interview....love Brian Michael Bendis he does great work

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wow is bendis really that short? no offense babs <=)

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Wow Bendis seems like a nice guy and he likes what he does some people might not like him but either way he's great, Also great interview really informative .    
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so chizzzin interesting envy this guiy and babs for meeting him
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Say what you want about Bendis, he's got class

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The thing with Norman now is that how does he go back to the Evil business man, who's goal is to destroy Peter Parker? 
I think he may end up like a Lex Luthor type character.

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Scarlet is awesome. Really looking forward to more of it. Great interview Babs!

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Put norman in a box and keep him away from any marvel story ever . Or better yet kill norman then put him in a casket.

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great job, Babs!!  Bendis seems like such a down-to-earth, funny guy; makes sense when you think about his writing style i guess... 
Comic Vine is working it's tail off down there at SDCC!! Excellent stuff, gang!!  Keep it up, we love it!!
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lol, he is kind of odd. 
Scarlet is awesome, though and a Powers show on FX should be awesome.

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Great job Babs, im your fan

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LOL I never noticed the mic before until he pointed it out.   
I only read the Ultimate Spider-Man book he writes, which hasn't been as good as the previous volume.  I kinda jumped through the video (I'm not big into Marvel only other book I read is Invincible Iron Man) but he didn't mention anything about Ultimate Spider-Man.  
He seems really into what he does which is great.