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Posted by Fleonix

Is it a new show, it looks cool. I grew up watching scooby. Nice.

Posted by GraphicCasualFreak

Watching it now from Tivo, looks pretty good so far. But Shaggy and Velma? I guess... 

Posted by Hero_Theresa

shaggy and velma...hmmm..no
Posted by firewrkninja
@Hero_Theresa said:
" shaggy and velma...hmmm..no "
Posted by NightFang
@Hero_Theresa said:
" shaggy and velma...hmmm..no "
               I say it's about time they got together.
Posted by JDevil
@firewrkninja said:
" @Hero_Theresa said:
" shaggy and velma...hmmm..no "
exactly "
It's just wrong.
Posted by Joe Venom
@Hero_Theresa said:
" shaggy and velma...hmmm..no "
Agreed! But I wonder if its because Shaggy broke up her that she put on a few pounds when they got older!? 

Fred was pretty funny in both of these clips, it will be because him that I might check out this first episode, that and I want to see Shaggy smoke his first joint......hey it could happen

Posted by NexusOfLight

I'm interested.

Posted by Kamen Rider Kajiki

That was a cranky Ben Tennyson as Goop, mystery solved. 
Man i loved this series back in the day, but i still do not see the point of a reboot.

Posted by The_Jokes_On_You
@Hero_Theresa said:
"shaggy and velma...hmmm..no "

Yeah, I never saw them together either.

And this Scooby-Doo seems more aimed at teenagers then children. And it seems weird that they all still dress like its 1973 yet they talk about texting. -_-

Posted by jakob187

How can someone screw up Scooby-Doo like this?!

Posted by X-23_2513

Shaggy and Velma WTF!!!!