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Posted by G-Man

Such a good issue!!

Posted by carnivalofsins00

i really enjoyed the first issue. shes a clone of wolverine but she is her own character i think. =]

Posted by VanTesla

Let's hope the next issue is even better :)
Posted by difficlus
@G-Man said:
" Such a good issue!! "
nuff said...
Posted by J1ml33
@G-Man:  mind if I ask you a religious question ? what makes an artist great and if  I might have a snow balls chance in hell as of ever getting my self published comic off the ground in this down economy .and please tell me what you think of this(my art work ...)and be honest  with me now ... 
or you could tell me what you think about and be nice !
Posted by Sasuke

Cant wait to get this.
Posted by Gawdzilla

Hellion needs to stop getting stabbed....but still an awesome issue

Posted by FLStyle

X23 #1 was one of the first comics I ever bought a few weeks back and I'll be getting #2 soon. Thanks Tony and Sara for introducing me to it.

Posted by CrimsonInuTears

Possibly more Gambit... Awesome~ This comic just gets better an better. ^_^
Posted by Journey Into Chaos
@G-Man:  well that's good to know since i plan to read it.  I haven't read the first issue -_-'
Posted by Vance Astro
@G-Man said:
" Such a good issue!! "
What he said.
Posted by ImperiousRix

I'm still on the fence.  The first issue didn't provide too much set-up, and I have a real problem with the art.  I really do like the character of X-23, though, so maybe I'll give the title another go. 
That art, though...

Posted by Journey Into Chaos
@J1ml33:  I ain't no professional  but I think you got potential. keep up the good work :)
Posted by Alaric

Aaaaand down goes Kenny Err, I mean Hellion. YOU BASTARDS! lol

Posted by Blindside002

Hey, there are some guys too who want a strong female lead! I loved this comic so much, X-23 just seems so much more interesting than Wolverine to me.

Posted by Glak

This issue was pretty good, I'm liking this series and the character of X-23 now

Posted by EnSabahNurX

Honestly I  completely fell in love with x-23's character since x-men evolution but didn't keep up with her comic appearances BUT I have been buying many of the comics she's appeared and have been staying on top of her self titled series ordering it a week in advance 
This is probably the only comic title i really spend my money on besides uncanny x-force and the occasional stray comic that just catches my attention on this site  
XD comicvine has made me a dedicated comic reader now and its a cheaper habit than my former DVD habit 

Posted by Pacperson

I'm loving these first two issues, i just wish they weren't tie in books. X-23 needs to get away from Wolverine. Hopefully she does in the next story ark.

Posted by DanP

 My store got shorted :'( so I will have to wait a week to read since i went in a day late. Fucking love X-23 :'(:'(

Posted by DMC

you know I never thought of it but I guess you're right about Marvel's lack of female books for female readers. I'm glad you're enjoying X-23 and I hope this book lasts, at least long enough for an annual....that would be cool. ^_^

Posted by haydenclaireheroes

I have this issue in my pull list and I am going to read it right now 

Posted by Rabbit Tots

With that rating said, I'm going to give this a chance and check it out.
Posted by FoxxFireArt

I'm not really interested in the character that much or this book, but something I do like is how this artist seems to be much better at drawing X-23 as the teen girl she is than many other artists. Too often she and many other young female characters are drawn with a body on par with Emma.
Marvel has been struggling making comics with stronger female leads. DC has done far better at that. Let's just see if Marvel can keep it up.

Posted by movieartman
whats your problem with the art eaxctly?
Posted by Deadcool

WOW!!! 5/5!!!!!!

Posted by doordoor123

I think he is one of my few favorite female heroes. Shes great and im really suprised how well its written.

Posted by G'bandit

Oh Gambit, you never change, always a player

Posted by evanescencefan91

it's good and I look forward to the next one 
I agree with imerpious though  
I liked the art in x force better

Posted by jakob187

I haven't gotten to pick up the Daken and X-23 issues yet, but that's all on the list for next week!  Looking forward to checking it out.  Also, just the few panels from the book I've seen in the reviews on the site look great!

Posted by sora_thekey

I loved the first issue of this series and I think this book has potential to be great... as long as Liu doesn't abandon it like on Black Widow but I'm not reading anything that has to do with Wolverine Goes to Hell... should I still buy this? Will I understand it?

Posted by k2
@Babs  Great review! I agree 100% with what you said! Except...you didn't mention Hellion! :-(
Posted by Eyz

Love X-23!^__^
Can't wait to check this one out~

Posted by dr.x

yeah wasn't X-23 base off a cartoon ?
Posted by EnSabahNurX
@dr.x said:
" yeah wasn't X-23 base off a cartoon ? "
Yeah she was created for X-men Evolution and that was her first appearance and then they added her into the comics
Posted by ka385385

suck ,i need to wait paperpack .no issuse sale on my country.
Posted by Detektor

This was mindbogglingly poorly plotted. Way to randomly burn down a homeless shelter while pointlessly changing established characterization.
Why must female writers make everyone all sensitive and incorporate Gambit? The first issue was okay, but this is an issue for masochists.

Posted by Roninidas

I am really happy X got an ongoing.  I really love her character.  She has replaced Kitty as my favorite female character in the Marvel U.  Marjorie Liu does a great job writing.  I have enjoyed heard her work on NYX and Black Widow.  I am definitely looking forward for more to come. 

Posted by kaanonm

I'll be honest. I just don't get it. X-23 is my favorite character, but I'm having trouble following the comic. I can't tell if the Wolverine in this issue was "actually" wolverine and who exactly was stabbed. This is similar to the X-23 One Shot from Liu a while back, where she was in some sort of dream space and was unhappy about it. 
I don't like Marjorie's depiction of Laura. In these books, she's some sort of emo girl, not just the taciturn killer, she used to be. She also has a clear relationship with Hellion. Frankly, I liked it being more understated. 
I'm gonna keep trying, but I have NOT liked this run so far.

Posted by fbdarkangel

wished she mention Julian!

Posted by k2
@fbdarkangel said:
" wished she mention Julian! "
Yup yup...I wanted a mention of him too! =(
Posted by ka385385
not me.
Posted by k2
@ka385385 said:
" @k2: not me. "
I'm aware of your anti-Julian views.
Edited by ka385385
yes i am ,because i meet lots of person like him ,his kind of person bully me when i was kid ,that's why since i was 14 i ddin't confessing myself a kid anymore ,i became silence and mature also pessimistic ,made myself different than other people ,and i don't have any friend.
Edited by k2
@ka385385 said:

" @k2: yes i am ,because i meet lots of person like him ,his kind of person bully me when i was kid ,that's why since i was 14 i ddin't confessing myself a kid anymore ,i became silence and mature also pessimistic ,made myself different than other people ,and i don't have any friend. "

Bullies can change too, just like any other person. I wasn't a big fan of Julian's bullying, more his attitude, big ego, competitiveness and his defiance for authority, if that makes sense (like his attitude that his team was the best, and that he's the strongest mutant in the world, etc etc). It stemmed mostly from his home life, I think; his parents became rich when he was about twelve or so, and didn't give him the time of day when he really needed it. He found other ways to deal with his problems. 
I don't think he's much of a bully anymore. At least he's a good person at heart; he's done alot to save his friends, even putting his own life at risk for them.  
That's very sad, that you got bullied. I know this is common knowledge, but often people who do that have big problems in their home life and take it out on people smaller than themselves. It all stems to how a person is brought up...very vicious cycle. I was lucky to have awesome parents and therefore I have never been a bully myself, and also not a victim of bullying. I have had tons of different life challenges though, but thankfully that was not one of them. Now if someone makes a rude comment to me, I don't  let myself feel hurt, or even say anything back (unless it's a joke, then I go to town on them because I enjoy well-meaning banter). I always walk away the better person that way (or so I hope, lol ^^).
Don't  close yourself off because of someone else...it's them who has a problem if they say something mean to you, not you. There are lots of good people out there if you take a chance :o) (Sorry, not trying to tell you what to do, it's well-meant!)
EDIT: Hmmm thinking back, I did get bullied some, at work. There was this one girl that was very rude constantly and picked on my work at the copy center, constantly criticized me and hounded me over things. I gritted my teeth, gave her a sweet smile and said nothing...she never got a peep out of me. It was super annoying though and god I hated her, lol. But I took that as a learning experience, how to handle difficult people. That came in handy later...I had some unbelievable customers who tried to force me to accept their orders immediately without me charging express fees, through bullying (telling me how bad I was, was I new, I didn't know what I was doing, I was stupid, etc). I would stare at them blankly and say very politely "I'm sorry sir/ma'am, that's against company policy. Would you like to speak with my manager?". Boy did that rile them up. They would run to the manager and tell them I swore at them; my manager would laugh in their face. Ah, how I do not miss work...lol!
Posted by ka385385
thanks for telling me this ,well i got bully for 10 years ,that's why i can't let go ,anyway i'm really  appreciate.
Posted by Gawdzilla

I was bullied from 1st Grade to High school big deal. Everyone gets bullied, its a fact of life. Hell some of the people who bullied me ended up being some of my best friends.  The point is people grow and changed. Doesn't matter if your a real person or a comicbook character.
Its fine to not like Hellion, even for the reasons you stated. BUT refusing to acknowledge a character can grow and change is straight up dumb.

Posted by Detektor

Hellion's not a bully anymore, but I think he's definitely a few steps closer to becoming a supervillain. I'll be very disappointed if he doesn't get a decent shot at becoming the next Magneto.

Posted by Illyana Rasputin

Great review, Sara! I think Laura is one of the most well-written characters in the Marvel database. It's amazing how she was adapted from the X-Men: Evolution television series into the complex and interesting young woman she is in comics, today.
Posted by Mithrilmojo

I'm happy Sarah likes this, but the first issue left me cold. I can see Liu is trying to flesh out the character of Laura, but it still feels too teen soap opera-ish to me. I'm also not a fan of the art, since I don't feel it actually flows very well. I like the character quite a bit, but I could do without all the hand wringing.

Posted by Illyana Rasputin
@G-Man said:
"Such a good issue!! "
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