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Posted by Mr.Q
... it seems to me that the popular consensus among most people is that Emma is whiny and bitchy. i really have no opinion on her. what is it with Namor and blond women who are currently attached? this seems familiar...
Posted by EnSabahNurX

Yea emma is only great when the writer understands her character and I think maybe she use to love scott but maybe she is just losing her attraction. She might just be getting bored with their relationship and missing her freedom. She might just stay with him because it keeps her in a position of power

Posted by No_Name_
@Mr.Q said:
" ... it seems to me that the popular consensus among most people is that Emma is whiny and bitchy. i really have no opinion on her. what is it with Namor and blond women who are currently attached? this seems familiar... "
I think she's supposed to be an "ice queen" but not "whiny" like a 15 year old girl who didn't get her way
Posted by Mr. Kamikaze

Totally agree with all of it. Fair rating.  
Emma Frost seemed extremely off in this issue, she was coming off as extremely obnoxious and bitchy. 
The interaction between Emma and Tony was awkward somehow, I didn't enjoy that all that much, and Tony seemed to be just as annoying. I didn't like him at all here...seems weird that he is portrayed really cool in his own on-going and here he is totally different, in a bad way (and they are written by the same dude, no?) 
I did like Emma's interaction with Namor and particularly Namor's comments about Cyclops, which piqued my interest. By the way...Namor eating sushi isn't so weird, we live with the resources we are given. Just like we as humans eat cows and pigs...Atlanteans would eat fish...not as weird. Food chain...etc.

Posted by haydenclaireheroes

I totally agree what you are saying Babs. 

Posted by Baddamdog

Babs I agree completely, in my opinion Morrison wrote Emma so amazingly in New X-Men, that all writers are inferior to him, ESPECIALLY Fraction who writes Emma like she's in a bad fan fiction! 
Plus I'm so glad Psylocke and Cecilia (of all people!) had their little moments in this arc. I wanted to know what you thought of them being in the issue though Babs?

Edited by Joe Venom

Yea I didn't really enjoy this issue, but I am digging the use of Cecilia Reyes character. I feel too much is going on and they're not covering it all well, Hope's crusade to help these new mutants could be much more interesting which is why (although I am not a big fan of them) I think this deserves it own mini series. The last issue left us with a new mutant that had to drop everything and get on plane full people she doesn't know to go to a new location to help a kid just like her. I don't know it just felt to me like a possible character developing moment but they just flew on to the next one.

Posted by Mr.Q
@Babs: ... maybe it is stress? but then again I'm not very familiar with the character. you obviously are so I'll take your word for it. but thanks for responding though. 
Posted by Silver2467

I know I will have Frost fans chew my head off for this, but I always viewed Emma as self-serving and obnoxious. Even with the X-Men and demonstrating some legitimate care for her students, she has always rubbed me the wrong way. 

Posted by BuddyBulson

I AGREE 100%!!!!
 Emma Frost is only a good person b/c she is a teacher,
 if she doesn't help the people around her she might as 
well go back to the Hellfire Club. 
I feel like if she was having nightmares about Kitty, she 
would want to do EVERYthing in her power to help her. 
I also feel like Emma is being torn in 100 different directions.
Much like Jean Grey and Wolverine, i truthfully don't like when
awesome characters are over used b/c they become not so 
awesome anymore.

Posted by ComiCCloseup

"Howudoin" Emma Frost
Posted by ForbushBug

Namor and Emma make such a great couple. He rules the ocean and her chest can be used as a flotation device.

Posted by harleyquinnhawkgirl

I could not agree more with you Babs. The way Emma was written during second coming was that she was always beside Cyclops. In this issue she was a bitch and pretty scandalous with Tony and Namor.

Posted by Amegashita
@ForbushBug said:
"Namor and Emma make such a great couple. He rules the ocean and her chest can be used as a flotation device. "
Hmmm...  That is interesting...
Edited by EGoD

It's about time they started bringing Emma back to who she really is.  I never liked her being with Scott and playing the school marm gig.   That just doesn't seem Emma-like.   She's way better as the "neutral" character that you never know if she's going to stab you in the back.  I found her affair and flirtation with Scott interesting while Jean was still alive, that was Emma, trying to steal something from someone more powerful then her, but once she won the prize I figured she'd dump Cyclops and move on to bigger and better, I've always liked Cyclops but he's never been Emma material man.  
Emma wasn't that bad in this issue, you want bad Emma writing go read the Astonishing X-Men 5 part Xenogenesis series, Emma was so horribly written and the artwork was so bad that I didn't even want part 3 - 5 in my bag.  Emma disturbed me beyond anything in those first 2 issues.

Posted by Bobby X

100% agreed Babs.
I think there are A LOT of X-Men characters Fraction gets completely wrong, not just Emma, but that is just my opinion. I do not read any Uncanny for this reason.

Posted by Justize

I could tolerate the writing, I have faith in Fraction. But I hated the art! I could barely tell what was going on.

Posted by Pizawle

It was an abysmal issue. Even worst than the last. How Fraction can be so brilliant with Casanova and IIM and then so bad here is beyond perplexing. But that is not the worst of it. The art is some of the worst I've ever seen. And this is supposed to be the main X book?! Good thing they just launched a new X-Men proper volume.

Posted by sora_thekey

Haven't read this issue, but nonetheless it is disappointing that this character can be so miss-written in just one issue after so much development done to her character the past few years...
I still like Scott & Jean better than Scott & Emma... so this might mean that I probably will like this issue since I think Emma is bitchy anyways!

Posted by The Stegman
@Silver2467: i feel exactly the same way, it seems like she always has hidden agendas or in it for her self, now i will admit i dont know ALL of emma's history, but to me she seems like a shallow, vain, self centered bitch who basically always wants to get things her way, even if she has to go through people to get it i.e, having a telepathic affair with scott while he was still dating Jean
Posted by doordoor123

Heres what i think... Two- person reviews work much better...  
Single reviewers are no fun. I will continue to says so.

Posted by MadClawMannn

I like Emma Frost when she was in the Hell Fire Club. She not that interesting with the X-Men. I want the old evil Emma Frost.

Posted by Bestostero

Maybe they're trying to blow up the bitch factor and make her unlikable so when they break her and Scott up, people will be more accepting when Jean returns and reunite with Scott. I think this could work out, maybe now she can finally be a real queen when she runs off with Namor in the process, then they can both sit on their high seahorses together...lol jk  

 But yeah...old habits die hard I guess...?  Kitty and Emma were never friends, and they pretty much hated and distrust each other before the whole Breakworld incident, they have alot of not so happy history lol.  Though I thought they gained respect for each other after that, but guess that's out the window now that shes backlol

Posted by No_Name_

Thanks guys! I was worried about how this review would be perceived. It's nice to see so many of you guys agreeing with me. :)

Posted by kitsuneconundrum

just jumping in to mention that i think namor is a cack!

Posted by Leegar88

Fraction has his name stamped on to many stories.

Edited by BuddyBulson
well believe it or not Emma and Kitty both where introduced in the same issue in 1980... they NEVER liked each other after Kitty chose to go with Storm over Emma. its Funny the first time Emma ever met Kitty she says, "Hello Kathrine, we are going to be good friends" which turns out to be FALSE
Posted by BuddyBulson

opps i miss read that man i thought u said the did like eachother be4 the beak world stuff, my bad Havoc

Posted by Leegar88

If jean comes back she needs to fight Emma...thats just the way god wants it.

Edited by Jord

Emma's a whiny 'rhymes with witch'. I love Namor to death, but i'll be darned if he doesn't almost always sound like a total douche-lord.  He isn't worthy to lick Scott Summers' boot straps.  'Pretending to be a solder?'  Cyclops is doing the best he can to save his entire friggin species. 
Not gonna buy this one.  Good vid though, Babs. :)
Posted by Bestostero
@BuddyBulson: lol yeah, since day one... A lot of bad blood between these two ladies, they must still hold some grudge towards each other... girls... lol :)
Posted by longas91

ugh. i hate the art. :S

Posted by Powerzone789

i just now read the issue and i wanted to tear it in half...she was being such a BITCH! you were right babs, this issue kinda sucked...

Posted by Rheged
@Bobby X said:
" 100% agreed Babs.  I think there are A LOT of X-Men characters Fraction gets completely wrong, not just Emma, but that is just my opinion. I do not read any Uncanny for this reason. "
What he said.  I'm generally disappointed with how most the X-characters are portrayed.  I used to buy UXM, but I gave up right before Second Coming, cause I could NOT take any more.  I only bought this issue, because of it's ENTIRELY MISLEADING cover.  I expected to see something interesting happen with Namor and Emma's relationship, perhaps even the revelation that Emma lied about Shaw's death and tricked Namor into joining the X-men.  Instead, I got more sitting around a table talking about how wonderful Scott Summers was.
I don't find it weird that Namor would eat sushi.  I find it weird that he would have an airbreather as a personal chef, as if Atlanteans didn't have much more experience and knowledge preparing fish.  
Posted by Queen's Halo

I got that Emma had other things on her minds. Before with SC she put her dirty secrets in the basement in the back of her mind, but what Tony said made her rethink her action. Then Colossus was like can you be a phone between me and my girlfriend, meanwhile she is thinking about a man responsible for many bad times in her life and him being so close. You'd be bitchy in that case too.

Posted by progenitor

I always enjoyed Scott's relationship with Jean.  For a while, they just seemed like the Marvel couple, even with Wolverine snooping around.  Still, I thought the way they ended up having Scott end up with Emma was pretty well done.  Namor's a home breaker, he needs to find himself a single girl and step off.  'Lest he wants to get an optic blast to the face.
Posted by FadeToBlackBolt

I hate Namor so freaking much. He out douches Stark, and that's a decent effort. 
I can't wait for Cyclops to nuke him into oblivion. 

Posted by Mr_Wayne69

Awesome review! Love the rating! 100% agree. Matt Fraction=overrated. Isn't this the same guy who had Magneto bow to Cyclops? That's laughable. He gets a lot of characters wrong. Why doesn't editorial point that out (can't believe I just asked for editorials help... *gasp*)?!?!

Posted by ElRolas

 i love this couple, Emma has been with the Xmen for too long

Posted by Aspenite

I agree with you!
Emma Frost has been a great character the last couple years and in this issue...nada!

Posted by humanstruggle

In the latest previews, it seems Whilce Portacio will be leaving the book. Greg Land will be picking up on this title. Now if we could only convince Fraction to leave...

Posted by Omega Ray Jay

This issue did absolutely nothing for me, the depiction of Emma was a summing up of all the reasons I have never liked the character, I would have thought she would have developed a bit further from that kind of attitude by now but apparently not. Even though I've been following Uncanny for just over a year now i had only really slightly warmed to her but my biggest problem with this issue however was the art which quite frankly I found dire, Emma looks terrible in ninety percent of the story and Colossus's eyes were practicaly none exsistant to name but a few dissatistactory elements. I just skiming to story towards the end as i just couldn't take it anymore, a shame really as i thought as last months issue was fantastic start to the five lights arc. I need to drop a few titles in the next few months anyway, I'm afrade #527 has just knocked X-men from my pull list. 

Posted by thedeenslist

Isn't it obvious why Emma is acting so weird and her relationship with Scott is coming into questions. Jean is returning at some point soon. (If the remarks at comic-con are any indication) and Jean Grey cannot exist in Marvel Comics unless she is married to the hip of Scott Summers. So this is the set-up to seperate Scott and Emma so that he's available when Jean returns (so that their isn't that whole leaving her immediately after finding out she's alive like he did before. And they say Madeline Pryor's a bitch, right?).    
Posted by NXH
I still havent read all any of second coming. Is it worth buying it when it comes out on hardback?
Edited by ComiCCloseup

Oh you creased that spine and made me cringe 
I don't usually read Marvel besides Namor every blue moon and again when he shows up and I was going to check this out but damn a 2.5 haha maybe not. I love the art on the cover can you or someone recommend something that has that artists' work on the inside?
Posted by RonaldBryan

Here's the problem with Emma, starting with Generation X, she gets redeemed, loses her icy exterior and starts to care, and then the next writer turns her into a cold hearted witch and starts the process over again. So, she was humanized, and then Whedon turned her cold and then humanized her, and now Fraction. But it's weirder with Fraction, since he's been writing her different from this for a while. So, her characterization in this issue feels completely off. Makes me wonder if Fraction wasn't given a direction with her and Scott because they want to bring another character back from the dead.

Posted by darkwolverineUSMC

There's only one woman for Cyclops, and that was Jean.
Posted by No_Name_
@ComiCCloseup said:
" Oh you creased that spine and made me cringe  I don't usually read Marvel besides Namor every blue moon and again when he shows up and I was going to check this out but damn a 2.5 haha maybe not. I love the art on the cover can you or someone recommend something that has that artists' work on the inside? "
Terry Dodson was doing a good chunk of Fraction's Uncanny X-Men for a while when Greg Land wasn't. Also, check out Terry's page which lists all the books he's worked on as of late.
Posted by Braxxis7

Completly agree with this rating.
Posted by Trodorne

I agree with babs. I prefer Joss Whedons Emma Frost. i have always liked her up to the point of Dark Reign. but since second coming she has changed and they are making her into the type of person who won't be with scott for too much longer. which pisses me off cause she is far better than jean grey or any woman much similar to jean grey *hint hint*

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