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Posted by MuscularThighs

Hammers are the best

Posted by Ry Fryy

I'm excited for this run.  But then again I'm excited for anything Thor.
Thanks Sara!

Posted by Full_Spectrum

Bought it, read it, loved it. Though i must say that Heimdalls little breakdown seriously freaked me out. The ice elf poet guy kinda annoyed me though, so i lost any cartharsis when he got cut down. Still a great issue though.

Posted by InnerVenom123

I started a few issues ago with the Post-SIEGE issues, but I was really waiting for Fraction's run to start.
Posted by haydenclaireheroes

Not a big Thor fan so will probably not pick this up. 

Posted by NexusOfLight

It was a good issue. Definitely lookin' forward to the rest.

Posted by asgoodasezra

I enjoyed Fraction's previous Thor work on the Secret Invasion Tie-in and Ages of Thunder. However this to me didn't feel as epic as those, but I'm willing to keep reading and see what happens. 
Has anyone else read the recent Thor: The Mighty Avenger series? It's a pretty amazing :)

Posted by ckal

@Sara- Great review, thanks!
I really liked this issue. I'm really looking forward to what Fraction has in store for us in the future. I'm just really excited for Thor finally getting off of earth and showcasing his power again.. I really like the cosmic side of Marvel too. I think Fraction has laid the groundwork for some very interesting stuff to come in the future.
I've gotta say, I love Ferry's art and Hollingsworth's colors too. Along with Fraction's writing (epic feel), the art just makes everything seem so epic in scope, which I would say is pretty appropriate for a Thor book.
Overall, I think this will be something Thor fans have been wanting to see again for quite some time, and basically a Thor we deserve to see again.

Posted by countvontrey

This looks great, but ARGH! I'm running out of money for comics. I can't afford to buy many more.  
Stupid Matt Fraction and his stupid Thor...

Posted by Glak

Really liked the issue, the humor was pretty good in this 
Also this is also my second Thor issue, and a pretty good jumping on point

Posted by Mumbles

can't wait for the tpb

Posted by Krakoa

Great review!

Posted by TheHood

I really liked this issue, but the whole time I was reading it I never thought that Thor sounded like Thor. Fraction's a very talented writer, so hopefully that's something he can improve as he gets used to writing the character.

Posted by Larkin1388

Ive already picked this up and i feel that the writing couldve been just a tiny bit better... not that i dont like his writing style but im a little more partial to Gillen, i feel that #615 should revert back to the more proper/old english style of writing such as what Gillen did. But other than that this was a great read...

Posted by Praetor_fenix

Great review, gotta put this in my pull list.

Posted by geekvine

how about they just give Fraction the reins on The Avengers so Bendis can go work on a title I don't care about? :-)

Posted by Billiam

was sad to see Gillens run come to an end, but purely from this first Fraction Thor I'm really looking forward to how he will handle It. Was also nice to get some deeper insight into the possible repercussions of Asgards change of location.

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does this mean that Fraction is gonna leave Uncanny and we can have Kyle/Yost write it :D

Posted by sora_thekey

Sadly because of money issues I'm postponing comics this week... hopefully not next week... So I haven't picked this issue up, but I have been reading Thor on and off and baring the confusing stories along because I have been waiting for this run.
Perry is one of my favorite artists and the art alone seems to be enough to make me want to buy it!

Posted by Scholes60

Haven't read it yet but looking forward to Matt fraction's run on Thor though I enjoyed Gillen's work immensely. 
It looks as though Fraction is going to take Thor in a more cosmic direction. 
Anyone who has read my fanfic will know that I prfere a more powerful, more cosmic Thor: 


Posted by Andferne

I'm not a fan of the art style so far.

Posted by NXH

Where the hell is Rich Elson?

Posted by Eyz

I haven't checked ANY Thor comics before! 
I dunno why...?
I might give this one a try...

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I've ditched this because of Mr. Fraciton if I'm honest (I was very unimpressed with his job on Uncanny X-Men), Marvel should have kept Gillen on the book, he had a nice grasp of the characters and did a fantastic job following  Straczynski's surprise departure. 
EDIT: Probably worth noting that I'm bloody loving his run on Invincible Iron Man.

Posted by Snore_El

Loved it. Thoroughly love Thor The Mighty Avenger too. I NEVER imagined I would ever be buying not one but two Thor comics a month.

Posted by Quntumking

This sounds promising. Quantum-physics and mythology together.

Posted by ShirEPanjshir

Looks nice. Might pick this one up.
I've read a few Thor comics before, but never actually bought one.

Posted by Omega Ray Jay

I would personally give this a 3.5, I wasn't over keen on the art and the story was ok, I've had doubts about Fraction writing Thor so perhaps that has clouded my judgment somewhat, I loved Gillen's run and wasn't looking forward to the transition. The revile of the character who the scientist was talking to I found to be a bit predictable and not all that funny really I'm interested to see where this will go though.
I must admit I was quite surprised with was Sara's high rating for this issue.

Posted by Valkyrja

I absolutely loved the banter between Thor and Blake, to be honest. It was adorable. :)
I'm having trouble viewing this video though. Won't load for me. :\ is there a link to youtube or something somewhere?