Posted by Jake Fury

Damnit I need my work computer to support videos!
Posted by pinchpaker29

I am definitely getting this one today! :) a friend of mine said that Storm has a connection to Dracula? and that it was hinted in this issue, Aside from Babs giving it a 6 out of 5, I wanna see that connection. Oh and Gambit is just the coolest X-man right now!

Posted by Baddamdog

I loved this as well!! It answers so many questions about Storm's recent views on killing. And I LOVE Chris' artwork, he's one of my all time fav's. 5 out of 5.

Posted by lastdrag0n89

Great review, Om picking this one up. 
How can anyone hate storm?

Posted by Bandito

Sounds like this writer should be handling an X-Men monthly.  Or all the X-Men monthlies.

Posted by goldenkey

Love Chris Balkdfsdjlkghadfslo work.

Posted by 604comics

The review has got me excited now, glad I pre-ordered it!

Posted by ShirEPanjshir

I just read this issue an hour before seeing this video. I must say I agree on most accounts. All of the characters are well-written ( which isn't that easy to do ). The art is great, I too like an artist that can really show facial expressions. The story itself is very well written, especially for a one-shot.
The only kind of minus I had with this story is that it's way more written around storm, and I sometimes had the feeling that Gambit was just kind of tagging along and not really doing anything. 
So I wouldn't have given it a 5/5 but definably a 4 or 4.5 /5 !
All in all; very good review and I mostly agree !

Posted by nochestorm67

I'm like foaming from the mouth........Love my Storm- my reason i started reading in the first place
Posted by BringBackPowerPack

 I am not a Storm fan at all, but I enjoyed this issue quite a bit.  Emma's tan lines didn't hurt. ;)

Posted by sparty-dbq

Looks like I'm revisiting my local shop today.
Posted by Mumbles

bach is great

Posted by BuddyBulson

I really do like some of the art that Chris has put out, but sometimes its too jumbled for me and i have NO clue what the hell is going on. But i am excited to read this b/c i have never felt any way about Storm or Gambit, so lets see if this changes my POV

Posted by FoxxFireArt

Chris Bachalo is one of my favorites, as well. I loved his work in X-Men Supernovas.
I could always imagine Storm and Emma could be friends. I'm not talking about going out for drinks/sleepover friends. I more mean something more formal. A level of deep respect that neither would ever out right admit.

Posted by NXH

Love Chris Bachalo. Has been a long time favourite of mine, along with Humberto Ramos and Marc Silvetri.  
Loved his run on X-Men with Miket Carey writing. I know I may sound like a scratched record, but I would love to see Bachalo do another run on X-Men. Maybe this is a sign for good things to come. ;)

Posted by KamikazeCaterpillar

I am definitely going to be picking this up before work tomorrow.

Posted by sora_thekey

I literally did not pick this up because of the Tie to Curse of the Mutants... but next time I go to the CB store I'll get it!

Posted by xerox_kitty
@sora_thekey said:
" I literally did not pick this up because of the Tie to Curse of the Mutants... but next time I go to the CB store I'll get it! "
Same here.  I didn't realise it was Bachalo's art.  And the characterisation sounds bang on (for a change)... perhaps Chuck Kim should write Uncanny instead ;)
Posted by cheesejoose

You make it sound so awesome. Want!

Posted by EnSabahNurX

It should have been at least 3 issues 

Posted by Pheonix of the white throne
@EnSabahNurX said:
"It should have been at least 3 issues  "

Posted by SumoSlamMan

Huh, I thought this was a relatively hum drum issue and I only picked it up for Bachalo's art.  I was a bit disappointed really.  We didn't get to see Gambit blow anything up, even after the mission went to hell, and a few of the pages didn't even look like they belonged in the final product, almost sketch quality.  Ah well, you can't please everyone.

Posted by zedmanovic

always thought Mr. Chris Bachalo's art would improve... does anyone remember Generation X? 
backj in the day, i thought the art sucked!  but then i realized Mr. Bachalo was simply surrounded by bad inkers and colorists! 
i don't care if it's a One-Shot as long as he delivers \m/ ^_^ \m/ in a rocking way!

Posted by Aspenite

Chris rocks for sure!

Posted by B'Town

Babs you sold me... I'll pick this up.  The art is incredible.  And Emma?  Wow, hotter than ever.

Posted by Dex

I just picked up this issue.. It was great! Gambit and Storm together is magic.

Posted by AskaniSon295

Loved seeing Northstar and Dazzler  and Emma complaining about her suntan.

Posted by [turbo]

This is the one bright spot of the "Curse of the Mutants" run. I enjoyed the art and can't believe no mention of the best part (pic related) GO TEAM JACOB!

Posted by RLAAMJR

i still don't find this comic here in  my place. I wanna buy two.

Posted by HurricanePanther

yeah i got this and its really good :D

Posted by RLAAMJR
@HurricanePanther said:
" yeah i got this and its really good :D "
good for you. :( 
Anyway, eventhough most posters like the art, but i actually kinda don't like it. 
Posted by Osiris1428

I hate that guys art work!! I just do!!!

Edited by Ashra
@Osiris1428 said:

" I hate that guys art work!! I just do!!! "

I like the facial expressions he draws, but I pretty much pass on the rest too.  Not my style.  At all.
Posted by Osiris1428

I like more realism meet comic bookish style like Lee,  Doug Braithwaite, ummm....yeah guys like that.