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i sooo need to get this

Posted by Eyz

Nice! Looks lie a nice all around issue!

Posted by longbowhunter

I enjoyed this issue alot. Liked the art and Red Robin was a big plus!
Posted by Secret Identity

I kind of liked this issue, kind of didn't. All the stuff you mention was spot on and really interesting. (I like the cheeky smile that crossed your lips when you spoke of Bruce returning) Stuff you didn't mention that I picked up on and wasn't fond of was this whole Vicky Vale thing...... It just seemed a little shoehorned in and Dick's confrontation with her and its subsequent affects seemed really un-thought-through and just made Dick seem a bit of a fool. Which he isn't. Of all the Bat-books Ive been reading (This, Red Robin, Batman and Robin, Return of Bruce Wayne and JLA) this is my least favorite for it's portrayal of Dick as Batman. This doesn't change for this issue but the story told is good. I'd say a 3 out of 5. 
Still a good review none-the-less. :)

Posted by FadeToBlackBolt

And what did this issue prove? That any Bat book with Bruce in it is a good Bat book :)

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Oh jeeze, totally forgot about this... gotta get this.

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Aww... Babs on her own again. =( 
I would join a review with you lol ^_^

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I liked this issue, for once we see a more human side to Damion and Dick teaches him a good lesson.  What Dick did though going to see Vicki STUPID!!  He might just as well wore his Batsuit, what a "dick" move that was, and you'd think he would have been a bit more discreet with the tracer he planted.  Having Red Robin in it was a blast, I love the Red Robin book, Tim is an awesome character who's really shown that he has learned from Bruce and took his training seriously.   Bruce would be proud of Tim, disappointed in Dick but proud of the lesson he taught Damion.
The only thing that bugged me was the goofs in Red Robin's costume.

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great review. Im picking this issue up today
Posted by blackcanaryguy

I really liked the art in this issue.

Posted by sora_thekey

I found this issue a bit confusing, because a lot of the characters in this issue were new to me... I did enjoy the issue though, and like Sara I agree that it's a story about the growth of Dick..
I just wish Red Robin would have had more "screen time"

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why not a five though?

Posted by spiderguylll

Dick as Batman is the best thing to the BatBooks since Bruce found out he was mindwiped

Posted by Theodore

Great issue.

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I'm used to seeing these reviews unscripted, but great job Babs. Volumes like Batman, and Batman & Robin, Red Robin, etc., are all being written very well lately. Looking forward to more Dick/Damian life lessons

Posted by Onyx

I do have to say I enjoy your solo reviews, you display a quick and efficient review 
all Thrilla no Filla!

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@spiderguylll said:

" Dick as Batman is the best thing to the BatBooks since Bruce found out he was mindwiped "

I think I agree. Not with the exact timing of when Bruce lost his charm but I have really enjoyed most of the bat books since Grayson took over the cape and cowl. This series just seems to have been him making mistakes though. Batman and Robin and the JLA books show Dick in a much better, less foolish light. He's not perfect in either (which is good, we like growing room) but at least he's not acting like he's never been a super hero before. Most of these mistakes (I'm talking about the Vicky Vale thing here) are just completely foolish.... 
I'll say it again. I like Dick as Batman, best thing to happen to the Bat family in a long while was Bruce's "death". I just find that this title doesn't seem to be up to the pace and character development of the rest of the books that have happened since then. 
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is this a good jumping on point? good review
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so hot!, the book too ;-)

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I'm enjoying the new setup of graphics and such on the reviews, guys.  Keep up the hard work. 
I really enjoyed this issue, especially since Fabian Nicieza did the story.  I've enjoyed his work on Red Robin so far, and it definitely had that same level of depth to it.  He's got a great writing style that fits in with the adventurous feeling of old comics while hitting on the emotional depth needed in characters to gain that important connection.  It's always amazing to me when people mention writers like Morrison and Ellis and Moore and Bendis and so many others, but I never hear Nicieza's name mentioned.  The dood did work on Xcutioner's Song and Age of Apocalypse, for crying out loud!!!  HE CO-CREATED X-FORCE!!!
I also really liked Damian and Dick in this issue.  They felt very natural in the roles of Batman and Robin for once, whereas there still seems to be a weird tension to them in Morrison's stuff.  I really saw them as the Dynamic Duo rather than The Odd Couple in this issue.

Posted by FinalStar86

Ugh I'm like three issues behind right now, must...catch up...

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@ramenshamen said:
" is this a good jumping on point? good review "
Yes This is a good jumping on point
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That comit look's cool!

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Babs looks gorgeous here :)