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Serious grubbin'.

I love the call backs to Defenders of the Earth.

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Aquaman will be the first i will see of mr parker

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I sure hope Jeff can keep up the greatness of Aquaman that his predecessor managed to establish. I have faith in him but he's just no Geoff Johns. I do believe he is killing it with Batman '66 however. And its VERY cool we got to see Parker chomp some nommage!

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I haven't read any Jeff Parker stuff since Thunderbolts. It would be awesome to see him reunite with Kev Walker on Aquaman.

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I don't believe I have read anything Jeff Parker has written but others have faith in him so I am looking forward to seeing what he does with Aquaman. I am still somewhat disappointed that Geoff didn't have another 9 year run with Aquaman like he did with GL.

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I really haven't read any of Jeff Parker's stuff other than Batman 66, which is pretty fantastic. I should really seek out some more of his stuff.

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But seriously though, I am curious to see what he will do with Aquaman. I was very sad to see Johns leave, but I do like the idea of Aquaman returning to the surface. And who let the dog out? (I will save you another video link here, you can thank me if you want.)