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Posted by Branagin77
@Hawkling: Dude.. You can shoot heroin in more than just your arm.. That's what would make it so interesting, he'd have to shoot it into like his butt, or leg or even his neck ahhhh... Wouldn't that make for a good 2 page spread... LOL!
Posted by Hawkling
@Branagin77: it's hard to tie a tourniquet with one arm anywhere on your body
Posted by Branagin77
@Hawkling: That's what friends are for.. You're really having a hard time making my story a reality, aren't you?
Were're talking about super heroes  here, what makes them interesting is actually seeing them struggle with reality..Not just having everything go perfect for them... That's what made spider-man such an interesting character cause he dealt with things we could all relate to.  At least that kind of stories I like to read..
Posted by Lustwish

we as people go though changes and face obstacles everyday.  Some people change their hair color, habits, way of life,  move to another house etc.  People change to adapt and people adapt to change.  With Roy, he had alot going for him over the years.  He was the big boy with the arrow, taking over from Green Arrow in JLA,  was healthy and pretty much life was good. He had everything going for him and his future was looking good.  What happens when you take something away from someone that will ultimately affect them for the rest of their life.  This is just an example: Say Michael Phelps got in to a car accident and was badly hurt, and would need surgery possibly amputation of his legs.  He is a  championship swimmer and noted for his Gold Medal domination in the last Summer Games.  How do you think such an event would "change" him and the way he lived.  Through determination he could make it possible, sure.  You need your legs to swim no?  What if they didn't heal properly or what if the amputation limited his activity?  There are procedures I am sure could make it possible for him to continue, but that would make it unfair to other athletes who rely on physical strength.   Roy will have his new arm, and it will enhance his ability to do other things he hadn't been able to before, The same with Michael.  Change is a factor in life we must adapt to and accept.  Did a car accident change your life? The death of a loved one? Winning a large sum of money? Birth of a child? the list goes on.  Change makes things exciting, not always good , but can be.  Sometimes we are a victim of change, sometimes we choose to change.  Think about this..... the word  "Change" .  If you "change" one letter of that word, what new word do you have?  The word  Chance.   
Change can also lead to Chance.  
 a lot of that going on lately with a lot of characters.  The Flash, Batman, Spider-man, Captain America, Cyclops....the list goes on.

Posted by VenomMagus

Aside from the DC Spotlight on change, Marvel seems to be taking a page and running with it.  Ultimates is like a good idea with awful execution, in my opinion.  Sure, characters need to grow and change, but after a while even this becomes "stale" or "commonplace" like the vid said.  
So, why not restart?!  Restarts are GREAT!  Tweak stories and character development, but don't change them into something all together different.
This is what the Ultimate line did (and is still doing).  Spiderman in high school?  Fine.  The Venom symbiote as a medical creation by PP's dad and close business associate?  Not fine.  This sort of thing undermines the  original creator's ideas and prospects for said character's growth.
I got to say, I side with all the old schooler's who are suing Marvel.  They not only deserve money for all the things that their creations are doing, but they also deserve dignity and respect, and sadly, they aren't getting any.