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Posted by miki


Posted by Baddamdog

hahaha, loved Babs as Domino!!

Posted by Meteorite

Is this a miniseries or a one-shot?

Posted by miki


Posted by Yumulu
@Meteorite:  3 issue miniserie
Posted by Decept-O

Riezner sounded spot on as the "youngster" Elixir.  Babs had a nice bit of an edge as Domino.  Oh, was G-Man in it, too?  Ha! 
The paint and colors are different, slightly on the fence about it, but overall it looks great. 
Posted by Cherry Bomb

looks cool. [:

Posted by longbowhunter

X-Force has been nothing but great since the relaunch.
Posted by damswedon

I know I shouldn't of got my hopes up but I would of loved to see a Sex and Violence reference. 

Posted by anarchcorp

I love the art. It's just gorgeous. However my pull list can't handle anymore so I'll probably trade-wait this one.

Posted by bllybtsn

Okay, that was awesome.

Posted by NXH

I do love your little eeegggghhh at the end of these preview theatres, G-Man. lulz 

Posted by Edamame
@Yumulu said:
" @Meteorite:  3 issue miniserie "
X-Force Sex and Violence is just 3 issues?
Posted by Krooze

I fear I'll never be able to read Elixir ever again without hearing that voice...

Posted by zedmanovic

good show!

Posted by Hamz

That art is beautiful. Truly beautiful.
Gonna be hard reading this without imagining Babs' voice for Domino.

Posted by IcePrince_X

bab's voice is the perfect domino 
you are getting good at this! wow! 
this preview theater always perks me up.

Edited by cbishop

Heyyy!! This one actually didn't make me cringe! lol   Nice job! 
@anarchcorp:  Is "trade-wait" actually a new fan verb, now?

Posted by Jake Fury

I'm broke as heck but I'm still buying this.
Posted by harleyquinnhawkgirl

OMG this was so good and this issue looks amazing.
Posted by MisterMollusk

I love these.

Posted by G-Man
@Fever: My wife (and daughter) think it sounds like Fozzie.

Posted by chowy

Babs u did an amazing job!
Maybe u found your new profession

Posted by DEGRAAF

lol G-man whats with the soft screeching ooh's at the end of the credits?
Posted by Aspenite

Incredible art!!!

Posted by The Average Bear
I love this art
Posted by ComicMan24

Nice job. Babs you a natural actress.

Posted by Bloodstonefreak

 @G-Man:   I'm starting to only here your voice fro Wolverine when I read the X-books...  :-P 
@Babs:  EXCELLENT JOB!  Loved the voice acting!

Posted by Preacherl2k
@G-Man said:
" @Fever: My wife (and daughter) think it sounds like Fozzie.

Fozzie bear- Sweet!!
And nice job Babs- oohs and ahs are hard to voice aren't they? It all sounded good.
Posted by Sheep-Kill

Ok this looks very very good.  might have to buy it tonight.

Posted by Comiclove5

Gotta get it.
Posted by alphamale73

Cool. But please don't read the sound effects anymore. seriously wtf??

Posted by the_fallen11


Posted by ImperiousRix

I always love the pained "Oooooohgghh" that G-Man does at the end of every Preview Theater.

Posted by sora_thekey

Awesome... I'm glad this series is finally going to be released, I remember posting a blog with preview art last year for this series...
Props to Riezner and Babs... awesome performances!

Posted by Lydian Sel

I'm saying it now. If you guys did audio books or a radio drama I would but it!

Posted by NexusOfLight

Loved the sound effects. "BLAM BLAM!" Gotta say, I'm definitely gonna be looking forward to seeing what happens here.

Posted by churrific

Lol nice whimper at the end.

Posted by blaakmawf

Oh man, I had no idea you guys acted these out!

Posted by Nefilim927
I think it has a little of the blue eagle guy in there too
Posted by Shadow_Thief

Guys (and gal), I gotta say I'm lovin' these! Keep it up!

Posted by jakob187

I hadn't watched Preview Theatre in some time...but man...that was pretty damn good!!!

Posted by doordoor123

ew i dont want them to do it.
Wolverine looks like a dirty wizard in this.

Posted by Big

Lots of violence, not enough sex.
Posted by Edamame
@Big said:
" Lots of violence, not enough sex. "
They probably showed less of the latter purposefully. LOL
Posted by krisis

Babs is an awesome Domino; I would gladly watch the whole series Preview-Theatre-style ;)

Posted by Illyana Rasputin

I was impressed by Babs as Domino.
Posted by The Devil Tiger

Ok, the voice of babs was awesome, but the off-screen one made me think of a male sweden porn star ! lol !
Posted by X-23_2513

X-Force is awsome great preview. :)
Posted by ComiCCloseup

5 more to go... ugh I think I'll mute the rest
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