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Posted by Namor1987

Going to pick this up at work today

Posted by G-Man
@Namor1987: Not out today. Tomorrow.
Posted by luckynitro007

second coming and the new xforce have got me back into x men comics!
Posted by ComicMan24

It was very good. Nice acting.

Posted by rlmay3

HA! That noise you make at the end of these.

Posted by DH69

lol, i am now slighty more disturbed.

Posted by Roninidas

LMFAO!  Dude your opening voice is very distracting, lol!  I detect a hint of Yoda in it.  Because of that, I get  the little green puppet's visual in my head.  Then my mind plays out the rest. 
Posted by sora_thekey

Did I miss someone screaming "LAURA"?
This was awesome, Ethan as Thor is hilarious!
Torch surfer dude voice was funny to. Kudos to Babs for the emotional bits! 
Bravo! Bravo! Bravo! Encore! Encore!
You can't see it now but I am giving you a standing ovation!

Posted by Namor1987
@G-Man said:
" @Namor1987: Not out today. Tomorrow. "
Oh but 4th of July was Sunday but I guess since most people had Monday off that's why the come out tomorrow
Posted by Baddamdog

I'm in the UK and I go this issue today.... great issue, mmmm the power of being able to spoil....

Posted by xerox_kitty
@Baddamdog said:
" I'm in the UK and I go this issue today.... great issue, mmmm the power of being able to spoil.... "
Oh really?  And which magic comic shop in this fair isle is capable of selling comics a day before the usual release date?  
Posted by Baddamdog
@xerox-kitty:  LOL! I have connections ;)
Posted by simonchan
Posted by simonchan

.... why is norman always voicing the part of a nerd?

Posted by vaultboy

that hurt my soul. 
in a good way, of course.

Posted by uncanny89

can't wait to get this issue, im really excited to see how this event is going to finish. 

Posted by Retro_Metro

That's it?! That was short....aw well!

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Posted by shawn87

love Cable he's one of my favorites...cant wait to read

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@Baddamdog said:

" I'm in the UK and I go this issue today.... great issue, mmmm the power of being able to spoil.... "

Not so sure about the great issue thing pages 16-17 was one big let down for me -.- sigh, well it not that it was bad I was just hoping for something else.
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Posted by Bloodstonefreak

Great job all!  Look forward to these every time they're released!

Posted by crazed_h3ro

Damn I really can not wait Chapter 13 baby.and some thing tells me Bastion is going to go wild to the rest of the X-men.

Posted by LandonTaylor

Im really behind in my X-men books.

Posted by Big

It sounded like Cyclops was on a walkie-talkie.
Posted by Red L.A.M.P.

I wish CV could do this for every comic.

Posted by lorex

LOL you guys are suck dorks. Not that your renditions are not funny though.

Posted by Comiclove5

I loved it can we see more previews.
Posted by dan1509

OMG mr. fantastic and human torch, i was crying in laughter :P
Can any1 tell me what the deal with this techno organic virus, me no understand?

Posted by mimschkin

Was Joey on the phone or something? His parts were quite disconcerting.

Posted by DEGRAAF

lol im not gonna lie, i thought all these preview theaters were dumb bc one man can only make up so many different voices and even less good ones. So when i heard Babs voice in there for Hope as well as everyone elses it suddenly got alot better. I will definitely be watching more of these. It would be cool if you could do a whole comic like this and see how it goes

Posted by Aspenite

Cyclops sounded funny.

Posted by G-Man
@mimschkin said:
" Was Joey on the phone or something? His parts were quite disconcerting. "
Sigh...I guess it's a little obvious something was up. Joey was on a well deserved vacation. But I made him take time away from it to provide the voice of Cyclops. He's the only one that can do it. Or he's the only one that can do it properly. My other options were to try to recast or just not do this preview.
Posted by JoeyF
@mimschkin: Yeaaaah, unfortunately my Motorola Droid voice recorder doesn't have the best audio quality.  Plus I was in the parking lot of a Von's reading the lines.  
Looks were made towards me.
Posted by DavidRose

 Cyclops was voiced awesome... lol
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Posted by Theodore

I'm loving this event, can't wait to finish it up.

Posted by 00 Raiser

Finally something cool happens.

Posted by cbishop
and now you know where the phrase "phoning it in" came from, and why it means "not really doing such a great job."  If he was going to phone in the lines, why not have him voice Iron Man?  That would have been perfect!
Posted by X-23_2513

cyclops vocie was the best part. LOL! :)