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Posted by DanP

wooooooooooow really great preview theatre! I actually want to buy this comic now. The whole Wolverine in Hell thing did not interest me at all until this preview. Geat job!

Posted by GothamRed

how many wilhelms did wolverine kill

Posted by 4Essence

lol. Best one yet.
Posted by NXH

I do love your impression of Nick Fu...I mean Wolverine.  
Mind you, i dont think the voice of the devil was that devilish or whatever. Sounds more like swedish.

how du doey do.

Posted by G-Man
@GothamRed: I debated about putting Whilhelm into the credits. 
@NXH: I figured the "devil" always has a deep menacing voice, why not go for something different. Then again, maybe each of you hears it a different way....
Posted by DMC

Man that demon on the throne reminds me of a Ninja Gaiden boss, one of those "Greater Fiends"

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Yep. These still ruin the book for me once I hear the voice over...All I hear is yoda.

Posted by G'bandit

Sooooo how did he get to hell again? O_O?

Posted by Powerzone789

AWESOME!! i think im gonna buy this now haha
Posted by manofsteel42

whats that weird noise at the end of the preview?

Posted by Kid_Zombie

Love the cover to this, love that there is a Nazi there ha ha that's awesome. Sorry didn't watch the preview theter they actually kinda ruin it for me, everybody has there own voices for characters in their heads so it's ruff to hear someone elses, plus to quote Frank Costanza "I like to go in fresh!" 
But I do have a few questions because I have no idea what this is about. Wolverine goes to hell...why? Is this aftermath (spoiler warning!) to x-men issue 2 when he turns to a vampire, and it is his spirit in hell? or is he physically in hell? I'm confused ha ha

Posted by GT-Man

Sweet I'm sooo getting this comic I love Wolverine and this looks good that will be funnny if he were to run into Thor
Posted by Decept-O

@G-Man:  Not wanting to give the devil his due--*pun intended*--but indeed, whose to say it doesn't have an accent?  The devil is the master of lies and deception after all, so it can sound however it wants.  Maybe that's how Wolverine hears it.  I liked it actually, it sounded somewhat like a Nazi lieutenant.   
You always at least try to change things up with the Preview Theatres.  I do like it when you have other Staff helping out with the voices, but this was good.
Posted by logansgirl

I read #1
I will definitely read #2.
I didn't finish the preview because it was ruining it for me.
The voice was killing me.Wolverine sounds like Cal Dodd from X men TAS.
(in my head anyway)lol

Posted by goldenkey
the voices kill
Posted by CaptainGenisVell

Didn't realise Yoda was the Devil lol
Wilhelm Scream :D

Posted by carnivalofsins00

so when are we gonna get a behind the scenes video to see how you record these previews actually?

Posted by difficlus

the devil sounds like Yoda...

Posted by MrMazz

you know its goin to be a good one when the thumbnail has Wolvie decapitating two dudes. 
Devil is yoda?

Posted by War Killer

I'm enjoying the art of this series! I don't care what people have against Wolverine, he's still an awesome character, and this book just shows that, great writing so far as well as art, I'm not so big on the storyline though, but I do like the idea of Wolverine facing every person he's ever killed at once, that's going to be great!

Posted by Sanj

The Devil has an Indian accent lol.
Posted by G-Man

So far the Devil's been said to have a Swedish and Indian accent and I've also heard Yoda and Fozzie Bear. That's why the Devil is such an evil trickster.

Posted by Ston3face
I was thinking the same thing.
Posted by karasu_

You're sound effects are priceless xD

Posted by kevdude

Whos that in the red with the sword at 04 seconds?? 
Posted by dewboy01

non stop slicing and dicing. nothing is ever enough for marvel's greatest mutant.