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Posted by Knox


Posted by Edamame

Is there anyway to get discounts with buying these comic book issues?

Posted by Theodore

haha FF and Avengers.

Posted by War Killer

Lol, these are great guys, keep 'em up! :D

Posted by G-Man
@Edamame: I assume you mean comics in general and not just the ones we do Preview Theatres for (I hope you're not trying to say we ruin the reading experience for you and you want to pay less to read them). If you're talking comics in general, online sites like tfaw.com have comics for a slightly lower price.
Posted by ironshadow

Reed's voice was good all the rest were lame.

Posted by xboy79

  Fabulous: ))

Posted by Edamame
@G-Man said:
" @Edamame: I assume you mean comics in general and not just the ones we do Preview Theatres for (I hope you're not trying to say we ruin the reading experience for you and you want to pay less to read them). If you're talking comics in general, online sites like tfaw.com have comics for a slightly lower price. "
Is it safe to use credit/debit cards on tfaw.com?
Thanks.  : )
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I surpose G-Man didnt want G-Girl to do the voice for Hope again cos she swears. =O 
Also, why didnt Joeyf scream again at the end of cyclops' lines? That was awesome.

Posted by G-Man
@Edamame: They're a trustworthy site. But always make sure the site is secure when entering your info (on any site). You should see that lock icon somewhere.
Yeah, I didn't think it'd be right for L'il G-Girl do voice Hope this time around. Joey did do the yell part and I debated. But I loved how he brought out the emotion in his last line. Glad people got the "joke" from his last performance as Cyclops.
Posted by CellphoneGirl

I loved Babs' acting XD

Posted by sora_thekey

Joey's last line was great... although the rest were comedic, his last line delivered!
I'm sorry to the rest of the actors over at Preview Theater but I think Babs should win an award for this one... It sounded as if though she was actually going to burst into tears as Hope told Scott off! Kudos
Once again guys, great job!
 You guys should do a full comic like this someday!

Posted by PrinceIMC

Hope's got glowy eyes huh? Maybe she's a power duplicator. I hope she's not just another Summers or a Jean clone or whatever.

Posted by Edamame

No! She is just powerful.

Posted by Alphaproto

G-Man as off camera voice should win an Emmy or at least the Mtv movie award for best kiss.
Posted by Noray

Haha Scott's voice was so awful it was kind of funny. Which I guess is the point of these things. Keep hamming it up!

Posted by RavenDark

Go! Babs!
Cool Thing voice-over as well!

Posted by EdwardWindsor

hope is empath as well possibly oh dear

Posted by Lawton

 Okay, that sucked. The Yoda voice introducing it... WTF G-Man?! The Iron Man voice was insane too. Was this supposed to be a parody or something?
The Thanos vid was pretty cool, and for the most part was how I imagined Thanos speaking, but this one was all over the place and just... terrible.

Edited by Branagin77

WTF? Iron man's voice not acceptable. :(   
What if now every time I read Iron man that voice comes into my head?
I will cry and scream  "Why? WHY G-Man?....You did this to me! YOU DID THIS! aHHHHHH!!!"

Posted by mimschkin

Hearing it all acted out like that just emphasises how terrible Fraction's writing is.

Posted by ImperiousRix

It may be my sleep-deprived state, but I was cracking up at Cyclops' voice. 
Great job as always.

Posted by G-Man
Posted by Aspenite

Hope, you tell him!

Posted by Edamame
@Aspenite said:
" Hope, you tell him! "
Posted by LT1085


Posted by Tainted-Cell
@lazystudent: No, the angst is just hereditary.
Posted by Dark_Slayor

Cyclops voice=win, nuff said.

Posted by EdwardWindsor
@Tainted-Cell:  lol true the summers family do angst well , thou the glowing red eyes are intretsing
Posted by dr.x

no  no  say it anit  , but  it is  like the new  A-Team Movie lame.

Posted by Pez85

I didn't realize this til the second time through, but G-Man's Iron Man voice sounds a lot like the probe droid in Empire Strikes Back

Posted by spiderguylll

OMG If she has Cyclops powers, I'm gonna faint cause they kept hyping up that she could be the next phoenix

Posted by Leliel

how many times did he say Hope, good god when read it didn't seen that much now its like I just wanted to choke Scott! However who did Hope's voice sounds exactly like how imagine her, little bratty and just like my sis

Posted by FoxxFireArt

Oh, for the love of Pete. How could Hope have Scott's eyes when she was born from some family in Alaska?
Forget Hope. I'd rather see Ruby Summers.

Posted by MichaeltheFly

Wow, Babs, Riezner and JoeyF were great, G-man was OK.

Posted by G-Man

Wow! There's been some really great posts here. Except for Michael the Fly's. His was just okay.

Posted by Preacherl2k

HAHAHAHAHAH I so love these vids! 
This may be my favorite video series on the site, but it would be a shame for Babs and the news to fall to second place on my favorite list, I soooo look forward to Mondays!  I'm just to torn- Babs will you forgive me if you end up second on the list? It's kinda like Megan Fox getting bumped to second on the FHM list ...LOL.
Keep up the GREAT work and as always thanks for the entertainment!!!

Posted by xerox_kitty

I wish the rest of the issue was voiced like this... it'd be SO much more entertaining!!

Posted by jamdown

HOPE HOPE!!!!!!!!!!!!!   hahahahahahah
Posted by E.I.S.A.M.

Okay, "voice over actors"? Don't quit your day jobs. 

Posted by texasdeathmatch
@E.I.S.A.M.: I think it's a joke
Posted by E.I.S.A.M.
@texasdeathmatch: @texasdeathmatch said:
" @E.I.S.A.M.: I think it's a joke "
It certainly is.
Posted by RogueVampire

*starts crying* Scott's voice...so funnny!!!!!!

Posted by G-Man
@E.I.S.A.M.: Uhm...this (and everything Comic Vine) is our day jobs...
Posted by Bergquist

it's cool to see more of marvel heros in one book  
you know that the avengers and FF sees the big clown nose 
insted of the the x-men going it alone
Posted by UpUpAndAway

Posted by LeonardoBernard

I can't at Scott's voice! I kept laughing everytime he shouted 'HOPE!!!' 
Posted by csimon


Posted by Shadowdoggy

yeah, wtg Babs! 
nice acting there 
and come on, doesn't Hope know Cyke is her father? 
I mean, seriously, she does know, right????
Posted by mrrpm01


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