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Buying the comic will just suck without this soundtrack to it... Great voice-overs! 

Posted by xboy79

Very interesting ... even if I follow the character....

Posted by johnny_spam

Ahh old video player how I've missed you. I am so looking forward to this. Is this the first in a series of previews being read put loud?

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 I'm not going to be able to take this entirely seriously now I have those voices in my ear...

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this is great.

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LMFAO @ "Hillbilly sounding Caveman" classic.

Posted by Emperor Gonzo Noir

oh G-Man, you're so silly

Posted by Theodore

hahaha good voice over. can't wait for this issue!

Posted by KRYPTON

When the full comic comes out on may 12, are you going to continue doing the voices for the comic?

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@xerox-kitty said:
"Buying the comic will just suck without this soundtrack to it... Great voice-overs!  "

Hahaha! Best part was the sound effect of the bats!
Posted by The Sadhu

When I buy this comic and am so gonna talk like that when I read it! Won't be the same as G-Man thou!
Posted by Red L.A.M.P.

Submit your requests for Preview Theater!

Posted by The Sadhu

How about a preview for the end of Siege?!?! When will it be over?!?!
Posted by jakob187

I want a preview theatre for Joe The Barbarian #5.


good to see bruce back.

Posted by Joe Venom

Lol @bat sounds

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preview for anything batman.

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@Red L.A.M.P.: 
I didn't know you were taking requests...
@Joe Venom:
The bat sound was a fluke. I wasn't planning on having sound there. It was sorta just a filler but it ended up working.
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looks nice. though i don't read batman comics. but sounds interesting.
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LOL bat noises

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LOL. That was great. I hope this issue isnt sold out when i go to get it.

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Oh, maybe you should have Babs Babbington do the intros?   
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@xerox-kitty: agreed
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get conroy to do some vo :D just saying. but g-man try to get all the staff do the voice over

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does everyone read their comics in voices? because I don't I just wonder how many people do...I doubt very many people read all their books in the characters voice or as close an approximation of that chracter's voice as possible.
Great job man!
now I must be off
*poof a cloud of smoke appears*
*turns into bat*
shweeee wee weeee we weeeee

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@sora_thekey said:
" @xerox-kitty said:
"Buying the comic will just suck without this soundtrack to it... Great voice-overs!  "
Agreed! Hahaha! Best part was the sound effect of the bats! "
exactly what i thought aswell LOL
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so he's a cave man now WTF
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@xerox-kitty said:
"Buying the comic will just suck without this soundtrack to it... Great voice-overs!  "

Well said ! 
But it's cool anyway !
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Gotta love G~Man's Bat special effects :P

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Seriously G-Man? I could just picture you at home taking a big number two and doing this out loud to yourself.. LOL.. 
These voice overs are horrible. Next time you should have Babs helping you out with the voices. You're range isn't very wide, it's sounds really breathy, and it's the same every time you read for any character. Even in the reviews, or unscripted's of the past.. Whether it's superman, wolverine, batman, or any character. It all sounds kind of like G-Man..  

Posted by G-Man

I think some people are missing the point of this. But that's okay.

Posted by RavenDark

Kudos for the presentation...I just hope that Bruce Wayne won't be solving crimes in the prehistoric age...I mean, they are all cave mans  (and a cave girl here and there ), I cant imagine a good plot when all you have is a rock wheel and fire...

Posted by warpedzappa

can't wait.. after final crisis I was waiting for DC to expand on Bruce's whereabouts..

Posted by TheHood

I have no interest in this comic, but I loved the video. I've missed G-man's voices, since we don't get those with the new Unscripted videos.

Posted by Gylan Thomas

Without a doubt the most unBatman story ever!

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I love it I want more!!
Posted by Caligula

preview War of the Supermen #2 please

Posted by ColdHandOfVengeance

I wont be able to by the comic D:

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great sound effects and voice acting
Posted by Mbecks14

hahaha yes!!

Posted by darkstorm1

I can not wait for this to start.  Going to be awesome.
Posted by CosmicSpiral

LOL that was funny. 
From mentions of the Blood Clan, I'm expecting a Vandal Savage/Batman showdown. 

Posted by .Mistress Redhead.
@G-Man: *wipes tears from eyes* laughing so hard can't speak............. brilliant............
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Cant wait for Bruce's return!

Posted by yo_yo_fun

LOL those were great sound effects! 
I'VE BEEN WATING FOR THIS! We need Bruce Wayne.