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@g_man: Good job Tony! I loved the reporter's voice it was pretty funny! XD You did a good job on Spider-Man as well. Also what do you mean Brain Booch was Agent Coulson if he didn't even talk in the video unless he was just standing there? lol

I can't wait to read this issue by the way, I was waiting for this to happen.

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love the voice acting Tony!

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I actually really like Peter voice ^.^

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I love the Superior Six! I love their colors

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plse bring other shield agents

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Maria Hill sounded like a six year old. :P

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That's Lil' G-Girl?! She doesn't sound so little anymore! Great job.

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very cool stuff, awesome voices!

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I remember when I asked about the preview theatre's status. Glad to see it back and the awesome voices too!

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I had to watch it again to hear for Brian's voice. He didn't even have lines! I guess I have to hear Brian sing Call Me Maybe again. (Episode 51, 1:09:42, on the The Invincibly Supermhdasdfam Podcast).

Btw, great voices again! News anchor had to best one!

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