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(W) Nick Spencer (A) Rich Ellis (CA) In-Hyuk Lee

• The Sleeper hit of the year continues!

• Can't do the time? Speed Demon shouldn't have done the crime.

• Spencer, Lieber, Rosenberg, Caramagna, and a group of Foes on the brink!

Item Code: OCT130692 In Shops: 1/1/2014 SRP: $2.99

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great book

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I love this

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@punyparker: next week's (few) previews will go up at midnight EST. This was given to us early an exclusive.

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@g_man said:

@punyparker: next week's (few) previews will go up at midnight EST. This was given to us early an exclusive.


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@g_man: Lmao..Tony is doing female voices. Did you the voices out of fun or you couldn't get anyone to do the mom and the other girl's voice? Wow, your daughter can scream loud almost blew out my ear drums. lol

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That cover :O!!!!!!!! And I love this book. I picked up issues 1-6 on Tuesday and read them in one sitting. Can't get enough of this.

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lol Tony's female voice.

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Still one of the funniest Marvel Now books. Thanks for these videos.

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That cover is OUTSTANDING!

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Loving this book. Funniest book out right now. Check it out people, it would be a criminal shame if it were to get cancelled for another pointless Avengers or X-Men book.

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Marvel's BEST ongoing.


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Anyone not reading this series needs to start. it is all things entertaining.

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I might just start getting these.

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I agree 100%, Foes is best of the best for 2013 :D If I go broke and could only buy one book, I would totally beg in the streets for this.