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Great, I was wondering when you guys wld do another one.

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G-Man's new moniker, Multi-Task Man!

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Hahaha I laughed when I saw Fury making his escape on the moped!
Sort of reminds me of this: 
Looking forward to #5 though!

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Because we did the weekly live Happy Hour show last Friday, we sort of ran out of time to record a preview for today. Hopefully you guys saw our attempt to do Nemesis #3 live.

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Eh, I'm sad to say I dropped this series after the third issue. 
Glad they're finally resolving the whole "Nick Fury is a bad guy" thing, but at this point I don't really care.

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Great Nicky Fury voice. Kinda sounds the same as Wolverine lol

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@NXH: If Wolverine and Nick appear in the same preview, I'll have to do some fancy footwork!
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lol "uhhttt!"

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That I would love to see. =D
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I'm getting this series only for Moon Knight. Can the guy get some face time?

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You know, this whole Nick Fury joins the enemy thing is reminding me a lot of the current story in Venture brothers, where Brock Samson joined with his ex-mortal enemies, Sphinx, to fight a more dangerous enemy. I imagine that is what's gonna happen here.

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Excellent work G-Man, always wondered what a SHEILD gun sounded like!

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What happened to Deodato's art?

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@NXH: Maybe I should've said fancy "voicework" instead. I blame it on the fact that Nick and Wolverine both smoked cigars (just don't ask why they also sound like my Batman). 
@sora_thekey: I assume he's taking an issue off to catch up.
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WHAT! No moped sounds?
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Nick Fury on the run? What's goin on here? He's the leader of S.H.I.E.L.D.
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@Marshal Victory: There were some 'zzzzzzzz' sounds if you listen carefully.
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pew pew pew!  Best sound effects ever.

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Pew pew pew
What the *squeak

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G-man as Every Character there... LOL

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My bad. may been my sinus infection casuing my ears to ring an missed it.Only mopeds i ever heard sound like a humming bird with a h.. err a odd sound none the less.higher pitched dirt bike sound. 
Good work non the less always brings a smile when i watch these.
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I really hope that the "Nick Fury'' here doesn't turn out to be a LMD.

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hmmm. dont know if want, if deadoto isnt drawing it

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Can't wait to read it, I will try to imitate G-man's voice, I liked the part with the clown nose sound.

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Very nice G-Man!!!