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Neat, I have to say I haven't been the biggest fan of the Hulk book (regular Hulk not Incredible, that one I enjoy) but this issue looks like it could be lots of fun.

Posted by tensor

man i am so loving the hulk right now

Posted by dan1509

Very limited this time G-Man, credits were Like:
still... awesome job as per usual :)

Posted by G-Man
@dan1509: I'm not gonna lie, this was a last minute production last night. Since I was out last week on vacation, I couldn't record a full voice cast. The good and bad thing about this one is it only has two characters speaking. I'll see if I can squeeze in another before Wednesday.
Posted by Danial79

Hulk is my favourite! Can't wait to grab all of the Hulk TPB's...

Posted by AmazingSpiderMike

Guys, that was far the best one you have done. BRAVO!!!! for a job well done. 
Next time instead of just a preview, just read the whole damn comic book of the Hulk.  I felt like how my father felt listening to stories from the old radio. Great Job!!!!

Posted by tensor
@G-Man:  i got a ? for you. Is Worldbreaker a mode hulk, just goes into when he feels like it, an how does bruce  know, that it was worldbreaker hulk coming out instead of the normal hulk we know.
Posted by FLStyle

When did all this happen? The last I heard of The Hulk on Comic Vine Bruce Banner was training World Breaker Hulk's son Skaar to kill The Hulk once

  1. Bruce Banner could turn into The Green Hulk again
  2. The Green Hulk could turn into World Breaker Hulk again.
I was impressed with the Red Hulk voice, good effort.
Posted by G-Man
I'm a couple issues behind. I did read last week's Incredible Hulk #611 and he had just turned into Hulk so it must've happened right before that issue. He had to become Hulk to stop the Hulked Out Heroes or something. How did he know that Worldbreaker Hulk would appear, maybe just a feeling, a tickle in his throat telling him. Maybe just all the rage and hate still locked away. That's where he was before Red Hulk made the scene.
Posted by sora_thekey

@G-Man:  I seriously thought someone else did the voice for Red Hulk... I did recognize your voice for Banner but that is awesome... Bedtimes stories w/ you and your daughter must be the best!
Loeb's intro was an awesome touch!

Posted by Ry Fryy

Jeph Loeb.. nice!!

Posted by DEGRAAF
idk y but no matter what internet service i use. i cant get you preview theater to pop up
Posted by Bossjugg

won't the red hulk appear in the avengers later?

Posted by Mr.Hulk_Smashin'!

Great Rulk voice.... but the hulk's... he sounded a  little constipated or something.

Posted by NXH

This series still going?? =/

Posted by G-Man
@Mr.Hulk_Smashin'!: That's why he's so angry all the time.
Posted by Video_Martian

Gotta admit, Hulk IS pretty cool...

Posted by -Eclipse-

HAHA! Epic voices, I loved it!

Posted by greenenvy

Green is stronger than red always and green will prevail victorious in this issue.  

Posted by GraphicCasualFreak

Don't usually read Hulk but I AM picking up this one. 

Posted by TrueBizarro

as cool as the red hulk is , im not ready to see him die,...in addition, its about time the the incredible hulk proves that hes still #1!

Posted by rbysjti

Green and red are my favorite colors. I want Green Hulk to win

Posted by wolfman54

Posted by James Lasagnaboy

Ha! Awesome voices! Only thing is, I'd rather if their narrating voices weren't thier Hulk voices...

Posted by chris thompson
@dan1509 said:
"Very limited this time G-Man, credits were Like:  G-Man G-Man   still... awesome job as per usual :) "
Posted by Koz

I go back and forth to the Hulk I stopped reading it just because the story line for me is weak. In the end it is always about Hulk and how strong he is. This storyline however has been descent.
Posted by ShawnMichael

Green Hulk sounding like Yoda for me XD

Posted by chris thompson
@Ry Fryy said:
"Jeph Loeb.. nice!! "
Posted by G-Man
@James Lasagnaboy said:
" Ha! Awesome voices! Only thing is, I'd rather if their narrating voices weren't thier Hulk voices... "
I did think about that and actually started recording it that way. But when I got to Hulk...I just felt like he was still Hulk talking and not "Banner." I know it was a little weird distinguishing between the speak and narration parts. Perhaps next time.
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i am not going to bother watching this i dont want to spoil the book for me I'll just wait till hastings gets the freaking copy in! seriusly i have been wating scence the first friday of august when they get their shipments and last week they had just got issue 611 which was cool but i just want to see WWHs 24 intheir for once...i wounder what comes after WWHs...
Posted by avengpymhawk

What a great outcome
Posted by G-Man
@Theworldbreaker: This is just a preview. Same stuff you see online only with our awesome Preview Theatre touch.
Posted by James Lasagnaboy
@G-Man: It's cool. I loved it anyway. I can see why it's distinguishing Hulk from Banner when both can talk normally.
Posted by Theworldbreaker

Bought it,read it,loved it, and did not expect the Green scar hulk to battle Rulk that was just awsome.