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tony doing the voices is funny

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This series is all sorts of awesome. (and so are those previews, reading this issue without the narrative will seem completely boring after this)

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Good job with the voices, ha ha.

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Still say the "British" version of Babs should do the intros.
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Much better without Scooby doo! This issue looks great I really wish they could have told more stories like this with Wally though instead of having his kids all in the mix.Regardless The Flash has been a very good read lately.

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Loving the cool sound effects, they sound so real. 
How did you do that with such limited finances? lol

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These preview theater videos are AWESOME . 

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not bad, pretty good.

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That was your best one yet, G-Man.

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Reminds me of the Polkadot Door, a kids afternoon show that was on years ago here in Canada.  

when they had storytime.  they would do all the sounds and voices lol


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Hey if at first you don't  succeed try and try again..
A lot better this time. Great Score!!

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lol. funny.
is this a different artist? Im not really digging the art in this preview.

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@iloverobots said:
" This series is all sorts of awesome. (and so are those previews, reading this issue without the narrative will seem completely boring after this) "
Yeah I totally agree...
Tony has the abilities of a blizzard..cool!
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Love the sound affect!

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Me making blizzard sounds AND reading Commander Cold's dialogue at the SAME time was the tricky part.
I think I will give the Theatre a rest, at least for a couple days. And I'll try to get others to do some voices as well so it's not just a 'one man show.'

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I like these preview theater episodes.   What Great voice acting G-Man....lol
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haha, cool.
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great job! lol
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Lol blizzard effects XD 
Now they are looking into the future? O_o

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I love preview theatre. I hope you to do more of these G-Man!  
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Branching out with the voices is always good, so good I didn't recognise some of them as Tony.

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This one is my favorite so far.  Love the ending with the music!  

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Hahahahahaha Good job G-Man

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These theaters are amazing! Best sound effects! Keep it up!

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lol this was great :D
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Comicvine.com is, in all honesty, the most fun comic book internet website I've been to.  This is great!

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@G-Man: NNNOOOOOO do more
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was this done on a ipad?
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@G-Man: i love how u switch up the voices.
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That blizzard noise sounds like somebody with a lisp sucking on a straw.
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