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I came here for the Gerstmann. Didn't know Comic Vine still did these things.

Posted by G-Man
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Oh man. You should do these more often. Vinny and Jeff need to be on every video ever made. This has a more stacked cast Ocean's 11. So good.

Posted by dcfox

Great job on Doom! Booch is a natural voice actor.

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These videos are fantastic. I'm really going to miss Fraction/Allred on FF. Is James Robinson writing this along with F4?

We need a Preview theatre with Dan Slott and Superior Spider-Man.

Posted by G-Man

@kilomac29: I don't think there's going to be an FF title when F4 is relaunched.

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Welp. Looks like I'll be watching this series from now on. CV you continue to impress

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Love these. I still remember the first Preview Theatre I saw. It had Storm and Gambit in it and G-Man did a great Cajun accent haha

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awesome! Hey it would be nice to see all the voice actors!

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That was awesome.

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@g_man Quality voice work from one and all. Doom's voice is fantastic. As is Vinny as Kid Immortus.

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I've been so happy since this feature came back. So much great voice work. Please keep doing these.

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Awesome! You guys are great!