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(W) James Robinson (A/CA) Leonard Kirk


• Manhattan is under attack by a monstrous killer swarm from a corrupted pocket universe, and in order to defeat it the FANTASTIC FOUR will need all their courage, powers and skill...as well as those of every other hero in New York!

• But to attain final victory one of the First Family will must make a TERRIBLE SACRIFICE!

• And so the first strings are pulled and the first pieces are put in place...

• ...On the Fantastic Four's DOWNFALL!

Item Code: JAN140725 In Shops: 3/12/2014 SRP: $3.99

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I was sceptical about James doing another dark storyline going down "The End of the Fantastic Four" route again but his comments on the podcast have reassured me that he intends to keep the core of this book intact. That it'll still be a fun, lighter in tone book about a family at the end of the day. Fraction didn't recognise this in his run at all and wrote a poor FF run as a result. Robinson seems to be writing the FF well actually, there's not any visible stifling dialogue or expositionary lines that I can see in the preview. Maybe this'll be a bright new future for my favourite Marvel family...

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Looks interesting. I'll be checking it out.

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i so much love the art!!! wicked.

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lol dat neck.

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What will be the fate of "The World's Greatest Comic Magazine"?

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I'm cautiously optimistic. I realize I've enjoyed Robinson's work on one book - Starman. I've read his JSA work, but not much else. I followed him to Justice League, but that was kind of disappointing. Because I was expecting more of what he was doing in Starman and The Golden Age. I think Fantastic Four might be the right fit...still, I'm cautiously optimistic.

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@farkam said:

lol dat neck.

yeah, who knows what they were doing lol

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Looks like a good arc, though its bugging me that Artie is being portrayed as green not pink lol

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Looking forward to this!

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Haven't bought FF in a while, this looks pretty good. I'm sold!

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Read issue one today and have all the other issues preordered. I really enjoyed it. Listened to the podcast where you interviewed James. Good stuff. Though it would be fun if Tony could get some other Comics Alliance folks to pitch in with the voice acting once in awhile.