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Its too bad im dropping this book. Im low on money at the moment (i just quit my job). Im restricting myself to 10 comics a week and this isnt on my list. Maybe ill borrow it if a friend of mine gets it.

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MJ and Gaga references all in one preview theater... LOL! 
I don't know if I'm going to read this but this preview theater certainly made me want to...

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These preview theater's are really awesome. You guys should keep up the great work

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I know that Deadpool break the fourth wall and all, but using current pop culture references isn't that funny after a while. When Deadpool used pop culture references it makes him seem dated. I don't know, Deadpool isn't my favorite character.

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I loving the Deadpool:WW and I'v only read the first Issue :D  

It to bad my comp is to crappy to watch the video.. I really like to see what G-man said about it.

Posted by Mr. Dead Pool
His DP is very nasaly
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I facepalmed and laughed my ass off when Deadpool was shown with a MJ face. What a great way to commemorate the one year anniversary of his death, by putting him back in the courtroom.

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We need more Ryan on comic vine
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Holy sh#@t! This one was crazy! I don't know what was more outrageous, the performances or the issue! More DeadPool preview theatre is in order!
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Woo!  Ryan Davis holdin' it down.

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Did that say "Win a Date with Silver Sable" at the bottom? lol
For the love of Pete! I want to say that Michael Jackson joke is in poor taste given the timing, but I can't stop laughing. It's far from a great joke, but it's completely unpredictable.
The artwork looks pretty good, and I like the concept of the story. It seems like a very Deadpool thing to do.

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Deadpool as Michael Jackson!

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Ok I have to admit this was funny
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i really enjoy this series
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deadpool still sucks to me.

Posted by Joe Venom

"My God" lmao! that was perfect Red L.A.M.P.

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@Mr. Dead Pool said:
"@Twelve: His DP is very nasaly "

nasaly? what do you mean?
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haha Deadpool as Micheal Jackson :D
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Deadpool is Canadian why is he standing before a U.S. Court. he's only moved to New York not that long ago. Well in his 1997 run is when he located himself to Hells Kitchen. Weapon X is a Canadian run program yes sir the U.S. Gov did help fund it but it's Canadian.

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@mr.obvious:  commie
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@CaptainCockblock: hey man, I'm just expressing my opinion.
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LOL deadpool is funny as hell.... sometimes he shouldnt be. O well.
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Wade Wilson's War #1 was good, but Wade Wilson's War #2 was almost garbage. I liked the two perspectives, but both perspectives are WRONG. I doubt if I should waste my money on the other 2 issues.
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Marvel sucks and so does preview theatre

Posted by Blackestnight

nice title spinning off of charlie wilson's war