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Great job as always.

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Deadpool is so God-awful that the horrible narration actually makes it better.

Posted by inferiorego

some of my best voice over work yet

Posted by Eyz

Daniel Way needs to let DP go back to what he really was under Nicieza, Joe Kelly or Simone.
A badass merc' with a mouth, a tiny crazy and crackin' jokes like Spider-man on fire!
Not...this... Goofy/not serious crazy insane split-personality pool-o-vision insecure shadow of what he actually was in the past...
Also, where's T-Ray? -__-

Posted by Abnormally Warm Guy

Man this book was starting to get good. This seems like 3 steps back. Hopefully it will get better after this scene.

Posted by Mainline

What's the story behind the intentional and residual sounds at the end of every preview theater?  Does the narrator character have a verbal tic or pent up gassiness? ;-)

Posted by HaHaManHV

Honestly, I don't know why I bother watching these, if anything they make me less interested in a comic because no offense, but the delivery and voices are more annoying than anything else. I love everything else on the site, but Preview Theatre is a waste of a feature

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Posted by Duncan

Why did they let Way continue to write?

Posted by www.deadpoolforum.com
Who knows
Posted by No_name_here

For once, I'm the voice in somebody's head, not the other way around.

Posted by darkwolverineUSMC

Good one G-man. Definetly got to pick that one up.

Posted by nrain

I love Jeff in these videos!

Posted by NexusOfLight

Ha, Deadpool's definitely not where he used to be, but I honestly gotta say, he's still funny. I may or may not pick this up if I have money.

Posted by George_McBain

HA! That was fun. Have to check out more often.

Posted by G-Man
@George_McBain: At the top of the videos, there's a whole tab full of Preview Theatre videos.
Posted by spiderguylll

Please do issue of Batman and Robin

Posted by carnivalofsins00

am i glad i dropped this after the arc with Weasel.

Posted by Capo_Del_Bandito

Out of character moments, plot holes AND inconsistent writing! 
Well it's not so much 'writing' as it is slapping shit on a page and calling it an issue.

Posted by Bald Eagle

How is he so popular?  That was horrible!!
Posted by Avenging-X-Bolt
@Eyz said:
"Daniel Way needs to let DP go back to what he really was under Nicieza, Joe Kelly or Simone. A badass merc' with a mouth, a tiny crazy and crackin' jokes like Spider-man on fire!  Not...this... Goofy/not serious crazy insane split-personality pool-o-vision insecure shadow of what he actually was in the past... Also, where's T-Ray? -__- "

Oh my god    i thought i was the only one who noticed
Posted by Gregomasta
@nrain said:
" I love Jeff in these videos! "

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Maybe they should bring "Hit Monkey" back?   lol

Posted by difficlus

looks good...

Posted by Hockeymask27

The Merc with the gold

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@LoggerRythm said:
"Maybe they should bring "Hit Monkey" back?   lol "

Oh dear god no!!!
Posted by Joeybagad0nutz
@www.deadpoolforum.com: What was the deal with Hit Monkey anyway?
Posted by Gothic Storm

Ah, here's one image that came to my mind while watching that video...

I've always wondered what the little yellow boxes sounded like. Thank you for solving that mystery for me!
Posted by Danial79

Deadpool would so make a hilarious movie!! :)

Posted by Quntumking
@Eyz: To everyone , Deadpool is getting kind of silly. The breaking the 4th wall stuff was funny at first but after a while it get's old; we all know it is just a Comicbook.Spider-man, Wolverine, Punisher, and Moonknight for the most part are entertaining without being to over the top.(Well maybe not the Punisher right now.)
Posted by Eyz
@Quntumking: Deadpool used to break te 4th wall just a lil' bit in his original series. When it wasn't dumbed down -__-
Like a little comment to Bullseye about the last issue they were in together..
Now, it's all much more silly... Goofy.. The whole issue..
Also, the Pool-o-vision is a bit too much...
The ol' 'Pool could take on Spider-man, Taskmaster, Wolverine...
Now, he would last against any of those :(
Posted by Aspenite

That was funny!

Posted by Capo_Del_Bandito
@Bald Eagle: Well, sales of Way's DP have been dropping for months now. According to the sales charts that were released yesterday, Way's DP (by itself) are about half of what they started off at, and are going down in sales about 3% a month. It's still doing great/better than the average Marvel title, but the readers are slowly dropping off as they're realizing Way isn't DOING anything with DP.
Posted by DeathpooltheT1000
@Capo_Del_Bandito: Main reason, why they should say to Way, that he should stop sucking, when he actually could do a good job.
Posted by Capo_Del_Bandito
@DeathpooltheT1000: No he couldn't. The man can barely string a coherent through together, much less a series of events. Hell, he can't even get the Wolverine Origins stuff down but swears he read old comics to familiarize himself with it, same for Deadpool. 
Instead of a plot we get explosions and wacky shit and stupid and silly for no reason. There is nothing creative, interesting, or even anything *approaching* anything that is 'in character' for the way he portrays any hero he's written.
Posted by DeathpooltheT1000
@Capo_Del_Bandito: He have just one good number with Deadpool, one, i mean i8 dont remmeeber the number, i think there is video about that number on youtube.
But at least he have one, what shows, that is worst, he sucks on purpose, because, well people buy comics that say Way and Deapool.
Posted by zedmanovic

grenade down the throat! 
good one!

Posted by N7_Normandy

looking forward to this

Posted by countvontrey

I could soooo make a career of this kinda thing.

Posted by Capo_Del_Bandito

It was bad, but it wasn't godawfully offensive like most of his stories. This one was just bland, pointless and, as per normal, reads way too quick.

Posted by JosephLaforte

Kelly's run was awesome, and Cable and Deadpool was very decent, but it seems every other incarnation has taken away the depth and complexity to the character. Deadpool is supposed to be crazy and goofy, BUT there is also a lot more buried in him that most of the writers just don't get to in the way the series I mentioned earlier did.

Posted by Capo_Del_Bandito
@JosephLaforte: Don't go bringing in logic and not wanting a shallow plot into this! How dare you need a consistent and well written story and character driven plot points!
Posted by dewboy01

violent, funny, annyoing, and never shuts up!!