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@g_man: Oh I didn't know Brian did Doctor Strange's voice. lol It sounded pretty funny and I thought you were doing his voice. By the way, Daredevil's voice is usually deep and raspy like Batman's but different. I found out his voice in Marvel Heroes and it works very well when I read Daredevil comics. Here's the reference. I still like the video, so don't worry about that. lol

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can't wait for the Doctor Strange movie and Brian Buccellato plays Doctor Strange.

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Brian's reading had me cracking up. I also think I detected a certain, NEW YORKER flare from someone on the Giant bomb staff.

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Brian for Doc Strange, Make it happen Marvel

It's like looking into a mirror!

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Haha, the Booch playing Dr. Strange. Love it!

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haha, Vinny is the best!

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@g_man: Kudos to your voice acting skills :P

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Hah, well done. I'll never be able to read Dr. Strange the same again.

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woohoo!! good choice on Vinny! great stuff!

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He probably needs to release his inner Batman.

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ahahha love these

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Holy cow awesome guest stars! Really digging the return of this feature. Thanks for the video!

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Hahahaha, Brian Buccellato's Dr. Strange is amazing. These get better and better, and it doesn't hurt that the material comes from what is bound to be one of the best single issues of the year. Can't wait to read this tomorrow.